“Whatever it Take to Win” Best of Jimmy G SB LIV Media Night Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Samuel Stensgaard

Nice thumbnail NFL…

    carson houser

    His face is so weird

    carson houser

    I know right

    Antwan P.

    Whatever it takes to win lmao

    Sebastian Diaz

    @carson houser his face is super hot bro no home doe

Tony Zheng

Just realized that Both Jimmy and Kyle went to Super Bowl 3 years ago, but they were on different teams, and same for Sherman 5 years ago

    Fernando Obregon

    Jimmy was on the winning team that took a ring from sherm and kyle i forgot all about that 😂😂

    Emilio Risquez Perez

    Now Super Bowl forces are uniting all together into this 49ers family

crazyken productions

That thumbnail is rough.

    David Williams

    That was she said if u know what I mean by thumbnail 😉

    Bruno Mantovaneli

    Do you have any idea of how hard they had to work just to find an ugly pic of this dude? Chill man


    That and the fact take isnt plural.. i thought this video was on a fake channel.


    Those haters , why’d they have to do our boy like that

    Clifton Rainey


Jesse Duarte

I like that he brought over new Englands strength and that’s playing disciplined football and no one gives the Patriots enough cred


    you’re so wrong

    Yo Yo

    lol those cheaters are a walking asterisk

    Mike Montana

    No one wants to hear about the asterisk laden patsies.

    Is This Rain?

    Jimmy made this success. Stop attributing his successes to a team he hasn’t played for in almost half a decade.

    Alex Kroll

    Yessir, you already know bro

Adam Potter

Go Niners!!!!


Jimmy seems relaxed and ready. It’s important to stay that way until the match is over. Go 49ers !

    Mats Hummels

    metas always looking like this in interviews


    Go 9ers


    He should it’s media day

    Nemo 05

    @metas nah look at all his press conferences he always looks like that

    Linda Spence

    avatar007 I’m a Chiefs fan, but I’m looking forward to seeing these two young QB’s lead their teams thru the greatest show in sports. Pray everyone stays healthy and even tho my hope is that we take the Lombardi home, I appreciate all both teams have done to get this far! ❤️💛❤️

Jimmie Evans

It’s going to be a good game guys I’m pulling for ya


We Pats fans are happy for you Jimmy and are cheering for you, good luck young goat!

    Dylan Allen

    Thor chill out



    Tony Zheng

    Don’t forget that Wes Welker is the wr coach for the 49ers

Talosagatalia Togia

Let’s Go Jimmy!! Go Niners!!!

Randy Duke

Would love to hear the questions..

audio abdul

Jimmy “Great Group of Guys” Garoppolo My QB 🙂

    Jerry Mob




daniel gutierrez

Man, this is a GREAT FEELING!! Just to see Jimmy G. and him talk he brings all the good confidence.

Coffee Bean

This Jimmy G’s REVENGE Game.. Everything happens for a reason 💪✊ I was watching that game u got hurt I was mad af bc the defender stood over u like a coward!! It’s time for the Payback!! Ball like Kobe for the Bay💥🤞 Love from SC been a 9er since I was a lil one.. Always faithful!

    Jon Savage

    @Ishan big facts man! there are so many jimmy g haters! thats including niner fans! i personally think jimmy g is what we have needed! 💯

    Richard Goodwin

    Jon Savage couldn’t agree more

    TX Made Niner

    @Jon Savage i don’t understand the hate towards this man. Jimmy has been the real deal since coming into the organization. I trust he will win us games if he has the ball last in a close game. He runs the offense the way it’s needed. Passing, running or play action. He is only going to get better. We are watching another elite quarterback in the making. Mark my words and I don’t care how many people disagree.

03 AI

He looks like a Hollywood star.


    I know right, I always joke and say that he could be in the red suit, gold tie promoting high dollar beverages or Cologne.

    Jacob John

    03 AI that’s what a pornstar relationship does lol our boy jimmy g let’s go 9ers

xJonx xUtix


Brad Bengel

Can we make signs saying “whatever it takes” to send to Miami?


That’s My Quarterback!!!

Brianna Landvatter

Go 9ers all day everyday feels good baby “Jimmy G”

Dancing With the Nintendo Stars

I love Jimmy G but he’s so socially awkward lol


    He’s not used to talking to the media remember he’s basically in his rookie year

    Clifton Rainey

    I actually thought he did better😂😂😂

    Ashley Phillips

    He still did better then I would 😂😂

    G Up

    Ashley Phillips I would be stuttering and not making eye contact 😂

    Allie Gogo

    You can tell he is a little self conscious with how much he touches his face. He does it all the time in any situation. It’s cute.

Ha Jesse

I didn’t hear a word.

He’s just so damn handsome

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