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Isaac A

I forgot about the SuperBowl, Kobe’s death just hit me to hard😥


    Sukh K. It’s not that he doesn’t have a “soul” or “empathy” it’s because it’s getting tiring reading these same damn comments.. yes a big celebrity died, it happens we move on people act like they were personally close to him and his daughter which they obviously were not

    John Nelson

    Trevsland1996 EXACTLY


I’m glad it’s all love between these two teams. Should be a amazing game!

    the shire man

    mvndo useually the teams that love eachother are the worse games but we will see

    Dirtybubble25 Dirtybubble25

    mvndo id rather see teams that hate eachother

Cosmin Deshmukh

Bruh Tyreek Hill really out here trolling😂😂

    Dymond Piper

    It really be ya own🤦🏾‍♂️😂


I was so exited for this game but now all I can think about is Kobe. So sad man. Enjoy every day to the fullest guys! 😔


    Don’t open 2k then bro it’s in there too

    Ghost Kid111

    Kobe wouldn’t want us to mourn over any game bro.. not Basketball nor Football🙏

    Oliver McCall

    @Dominik Baumgartner Key words being “as of right now”

    Dayvian Sandoval

    ok man its sad but u don’t need to bring it in the comments i see this everywhere


    Dayvian Sandoval one comment isn’t gonna change that…

Loyal Philly fan

I hope it’s a good Super Bowl and cheers me up after what happened on Sunday.

    Rowdy Jr.

    It will cheer me up since now I don’t have to care about the pro bowl and heals the flashback from last year’s super bowl.

    Rowdy Jr.

    @A55tech Agreed. Tired of those clowns. 😂

    Bon Dpaoe

    Yes b

    paris beech

    @Rowdy Jr. please don’t bring up last years super bowl 😂😂😂

Jacob Probst

Bruh Tyreek’s favorite ‘Mahomes Moment’ is everytime he comes in the huddle and sounds like a frog. I’m dead.

    Loyal Philly fan

    Tyreek hill out here looking like Kevin Hart cracking jokes 😂

    Decimus Aurelius

    Lololol I died too 😆


    @Loyal Philly fan i swear your like everywhere

    Loyal Philly fan

    Canvaster – this is my profession lmaooo

    Just A Member of The Kool Kidz Klub




    Deadly Skills

    I think Guillermo handed kittle that (1:05)

    Erika Gamino

    @Deadly Skills that’s racist bro 😂😂😂😂😂😂 but you right 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Deadly Skills I believe Free Warmer is trying to spell his name.

Shogun Sniper

That tyreek hill frog/mahomes impression was pure fire!!!🔥

Iron Fox

Kittle is like Kelce but amped up 5 times more.

    Micah Bell

    Both are knockoffs of gronk


    @Micah Bell And both are also better

    Iron Fox

    Micah Bell Ever heard of others influencing others? Then in your definition Tom Brady is a rip-off of Joe Montana and Lamar Jackson is a rip-off of Micheal Vick but they’re influenced by them or Pat Mahomes is a rip-off of Brady and Rodgers but are actually his influencers.

    Micah Bell

    @Jerms ha


Gonna be a hell of a Superbowl

    paris beech

    Can’t wait for Sunday

Truth Sets you free

“im just here so i dont get fined”
-nick bosa
-Marshawn lynch


They always make the two opposing QB’s sit next to each other each year smh


    What’s the matter??

Dynamic Devil

2:10 I’m 💀💀

Soviet Re4per

This was great. I love it. Both teams getting equal spotlight and attention as it should be. Can’t wait for the super bowl and the best of luck to both teams!

    the shire man

    Soviet Re4per its always like that on media day both teams get the spotlight


    You sound stupid. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Mavi Tarango


    paris beech

    LETS GO 49ers!!!!!!!!

Dante Hardy

Honey Badger vs Sherman- who’ll get most turnover
Chris Jones vs Bosa- most sacks
Mahomes vs Jimmy G- most TD’S and least Turnovers
Kelce vs kittles – Yac/TD’S
My god we have match ups and place ya best.


    Yea this’ll be a great superbowl

S. Fazza

They want me to take the Louis off. 😂

Isreal Maldonado

3:59 nick bosa 😂


George kittle a clown😂😂😂😂😂😂 love him

“I’m George kittle who r u”
“Dion sanders”
“Oh wow”

    Aaron Robledo

    Ty__Angove37 his enthusiastic sarcasm is on another level

    Nate Dellinger

    Greg Kittle

David R


    Mr. D

    David R I mean Jimmy G did start out as a backup on the Patriots.

    umop apIsdn

    Mr. D he didn’t cheat with them though


    umop apIsdn well he has 2 rings cuz of em soooo

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