What Team Shakes Up the Entire 2021 Draft? | FULL BUCS MOCK DRAFT – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

What Team Shakes Up the Entire 2021 Draft? | FULL BUCS MOCK DRAFT

Senior Writer/Editor Scott Smith and Team Reporter Casey Phillips break down Buccaneers Mock Draft 9.0 and what team could shake up the entire draft.

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Cael Cammack Reply

Why are they talking about QBs with the GOAT 🐐

    Akhil Samavedam Reply

    Who’s gonna be his successor. He would be the first to tell you he doesn’t have too many years left and they need a worthy successor to convince to the team to stay together as much as possible.

    Mark Douglas Reply

    Our only back up that was resigned is Ryan Griffin. They will probably get a QB late rounds to learn from Brady.

    Rar Rodrig Reply

    @Mark Douglas


    Davis Mills Stanford quarterback?

Dusty McGuire Reply

I actually see the Bucs trading back their first round pick. I also see them trading up their 4-7 rounders for a 3rd rounder. I could see the Bucs having 2 2s and 3 3s.

    Bryce Reply

    That would be ideal..pick up Trask and get best players available with the rest

    Allan Nixon Reply

    I see it the other way if they trade pick 32 it’s to move up no major holes and we would be better off with quality picks over quantity

Howard Ostrom Reply

Casey Phillips would be my first round pick. 🙂

    Mark Douglas Reply

    Your team would be terrible

    Misrak Tadesse Reply

    @Mark Douglas *me trying to be the first person to reply rwoooooosh*

Guy New Reply

Bucs need to get more protection for Brady, that’s it

SmileGate Reply

Too many picks. Not enough roster spots. Trade em to move waaaaaay up. Let’s do a Ricky Williams draft!

Kevin Reply

If the draft falls like this I’d love to see them trade up with JAX for Kwity Paye. Would be happy to swap 2nd and 3rd or maybe a 3rd for a 5/6 or something. I see him as easily the best edge rusher in this draft. If not, trade back. I think Oweh is more a workout warrior than anything else. You’d never guess his numbers just from watching his tape

Lachlan Skinner Reply

Glazers are deplorable

Nick B Reply

Just pick the best player regardless of position

Dadson worldwide Reply

You dint trade up for record breaking passin assassins who had the guest 77% completion ever and dud it vs 3 1st rd cb and 5 2nd rd cb. Naw not that qb. Lol
I hope these teams are forced into charity picks.

Rene Lazcano Reply

What about Casey in that jacket! She is worth trading up for…

Allan Nixon Reply

No better year for a high risk high rewards then this year if jalean philips of miami falls into the twenties trade up for him if not stay put and take the qb from Stanford he’s a smart guy if they stay healthy they will be stars the bucs can afford to gamble this year

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