Vita Vea Highlights: 2018 NFL Draft Pick to Super Bowl Champion – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Death Puncher Reply

Best NT in the League.

Landon Berberich Reply

Vita Vea is the Best

Vi N Reply

You gotta love the guy. Big heart, great character, and for me every bit as impactful as Donald.

Cnaw11 Reply

The song makes me hype lol

Jose Sanchez Reply

The LineBreaker!

Best Virtual Edits Video Reply


Olvin G Reply

Oh man that defense this season with him in the line up from week 1πŸ‘€πŸ€― NFC is scaredddd

fedtrickar sailiata Reply

my man maui killing it

mrblackbird1254 Reply

I think it’s reasonable to say that he could be the best player on defense. Definitely up there with Shaq, JPP, White, David, and Winfield at the very least

Eli Navy Reply

That background music was A+

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