Emperor Palpatine

49ers going from first seed to fifth seed in one week shows how stacked the NFC is

    Thomas Vorm

    Shows how good seattle is* same thing was with chargers and chiefs last year. Its only cuz they share a division

    Petey Griffin

    No just how good the Seahawks are

    Avi Cudahy

    2nd** to 5th Baltimore been at 1 for two weeks now I think

    (I didn’t see NFC until just now my bad


    @Exyll It’s arguable that they are better, especially given how depleted with injury the 49ers are. They’re also weak in situational football playcalling. Losing at home to the Falcons hurts, just ask the Saints


the records dont really reflect the teams talent. Alot of these games are close as hell.


    And the Cowboys have a bunch of good players but they have a clapomatic coach


    Yeah like the 49ers beating the Saints on 4th down to win by 2 points, i would say that was close.

    zac hay

    wins are wins


    @zac hay that’s true

    Wyatt McPherson


Zoidy MTE

WHO DAT Brees is the GOAT prove me wrong


    @Truevillany I’m not hating on brees I love him but you have to have 2 superbowls imo to be considered the goat.

    Shortest SB Champion QB

    @Truevillany Brady took players like Kevin Hogan, Troy Brown, Deion Branch, Danny Amendola, and Malcolm Mitchell and won SBs with them. You say Brees does more with less? Bradys been doing that since 2001 lmao

    Shortest SB Champion QB

    @American Sports Fan Ignore that fact it was Brady taking the team down the field that allowed White to get those TDs lmao Moron

    Shortest SB Champion QB

    @Chris Windham I am a Seahawks fan. I’m just not some deluded idiot who still thinks Tom Brady isn’t the GOAT. Look at any Seahawks video and you might see me cuck


    @Shortest SB Champion QB hes not lol

Ashofied Gaming

Shhh the patriots are recording 🤫

    GSP hunter

    @North films I am. Histaricly

    Jxst2Legendary Productions

    North films letterly😂😂😂


    You win. Just…wow.

    J.J. Barrientes

    Ashofied Gaming spy gate 2.0

Jaime Garcia

As a Browns fan we shouldn’t even be in the top 20 after losing to a team that was on a 6 game losing streak

    jarhead mstr

    JDRavage ya if they get good draft pick they will be a talented team but because of the division their in I don’t think their record will reflect their talent, but kyler Murray is fantastic

    Devonta Draper


    Ron Edward

    The Cards will improve significantly when the get Landry and/or OBJ. 😂


    Jaime Garcia I believe in 2 years from now the cardinals will be competitors


The Bills are so underrated. Wouldn’t be shocked if they beat the Patriots this weekend.👍🏾

    Kitty Petro

    Honestly I hope they do

    Sincerely a Ravens fan

    Jerome Jasper

    @Arturo Ramirez and your point is irreverent Texans beat the Patriots but they lose by 14 to the Broncos buy the way the Bills destroyed the Broncos

    Daddy Bondrewd

    I don’t think they’re very underrated. Your defense is killer, but your offense needs work. In a year or two Allen will be a star for you guys, but for now that’s a fine spot

Ethan Werner

Whenever your team is losing think of the BENGALS record and you’ll feel better

    Nick Ehinger

    i’m a lions fan bruh

    Mjkhh _

    That makes it worse. At least they’re going to be rewarded with the top pick.

    Eric Cedillo

    Michael Palmer just think of the 2008 lions

    Nick Ehinger

    Eric Cedillo honestly the team currently is worse than the 2008 lions

    Mikey Versace

    What if your team lost to the bengals

ToxicFirebird 04

Damn Buccaneers really caught themselves❤️🖤

    Jeremiah Fernandez

    ToxicFirebird 04 for real we use to suck but we good now but is a big disadvantage because we loss mike tho

Atomic TV

I think bills are gonna win the division, with a miracle game in week 17 dolphins beat patriots

    Blackthorn 461

    Vortex, AKA TSE yeah but it’s going to be hard for a 3-11 team to beat a 11-3 team on the road

    Vortex, AKA TSE

    @Blackthorn 461 That’s why it’s called a miracle, let us be hopeful

    21-20 Miami

    American Sports Fan

    Blackthorn 461

    And with Antonio Brown

    With Josh Rosen starting at QB


    Atomic TV I can’t even imagine this happening but that won’t stop me from hoping for it

    Robert bud

    All about the FitzMagic


New Orleans just played their best football…. please keep it up or im shooting up the krusty krab

Blackthorn 461

The eagles should be lower and the broncos and chargers should switch positions

    Andrew Ongais

    You’re arguing what pile of crap is prettiest.

    Blackthorn 461

    Andrew Ongais the reason I’m saying the broncos should be ahead of the chargers if that’s what you mean when you say I’m arguing which pile of crap is the prettiest is because the broncos beat them twice.


The Cowboys jumped over the Eagles from 16th to 13th Amazing!

    Blackthorn 461

    Devan Zayas and you lost to the jets


    Blackthorn 461 but we’re determined to make it to the playoffs no matter what


    TUCK THE PUPPY “determined” LOL

    TeMpT Monsta

    Blackthorn 461 we had 6 injured players tho? What’s your excuse? And we lost by 2

Antonio Martinez

Let’s go HAWKS!!

Ludwig Von aids

Falcons should automatically go to #1 for beating the saints and 49ers

    Chris Windham

    The Ravens also beat the 49ers

GSP hunter

That Rams highlight is sad.

    James Jordan

    Could say the same for the Colts.

    Noah O'Grady

    James Jordan “and the shutout is gone”

Ajwuoto Gor

let’s goo Ravens

    Ryan Heisler


    john foreman


A Random Gamer

Falcons forget to tank for like the 3rd time this season


Browns-lets put 40 points on the ravens

Also the Browns-lets get blown out by the cardinals

Lime 27

Lol the giants are lower than all three of their wins.

Small Dog

This is the first year in along time I don’t think the Pats are going to the SB

    Ryan Heisler

    I agree

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