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yeeeeeeeeeeet idk y

    Justin Long

    It is just fun to watch

UK Noah

Drew Brees has done it again


    UK Noah Correction: He’s done it ALL

Levi Bravo

Hi mom

    Jon Davis

    Levi Bravo
    I think they goin to the supa bowlllll 😁 they goin to the supa bowlllll. I really do

    Levi Bravo

    Jon Davis My Mom will win?

    Jon Davis

    Levi Bravo yes lol


    Hello Son.

Sports 311

The next couple of weeks of regular season are gonna be so interesting and exciting

    100 subs with no vids hopefully

    Especially with the phins against bengels

    Sinful Ne0n

    Yeah especially with the NFC East lol


    Fax I can’t wait



To say 15th

no yes

@5:56 Driven out of the end Zone both feet leaving the ground ball having Not?, crossed the goal line ??? just asking, didn’t see game, only using this clip.?

    Steven Cain

    No its td. Slow the video speed and see where he has possession

    Light Yagami

    Your feet just have to fall in bounds after catching the ball in the end zone for it to count.

Жмых Пажылой

выстрелил из пушки какашкой


Where is mike Williams touchdown for the chargers?

    Light Yagami

    It was there


Stephon Gilmore is getting DPOY.

    darknight307 Pagán

    Rollie55 nah shaq barette will

    darknight307 Pagán

    Rollie55 nah shaq barette will

    Ly Nguyen



    @darknight307 Pagán I haven’t watched many Bucs games. (For… reasons XD)

    All I noticed was: Got like 8 sacks in 3-4 games, and kind of got cold… still leading the league in sacks though, so a good prediction as well.

DeJay Meyer

As much as I love Russell Wilson cause he’s my QB (Go Hawks). Drew Breees is the best QB of ALL-TIME! Don’t @ me!

    DeJay Meyer

    @Jared Volle Brees is the more accurate QB Lol! Everyone recognizes that Brady isn’t playing well this season as a whole… for the Patriots… most of that is on Brady!

    Jared Volle

    DeJay Meyer so I provided facts while you provided opinions. Cool I guess. How is Brees more accurate? Completion percentage is skewed for Brady because of his receivers so how tf would you know. Half the time he’s throwing the ball away cause there’s no separation or a bunch of pressure. You clearly don’t watch the Pats that much

    DeJay Meyer

    Jared Volle I watch all 32 teams every chance I get. I’ve seen Brady play and I’ve seen Brees play. I’ve also stated facts. Brees is the more accurate QB. Brady is not. Brees literally just went 29/30 last night. Lol.

    Jared Volle

    DeJay Meyer yea that’s the first fact you pointed out. But you clearly didn’t read my last comment lol

    jeeri stueo

    @John Doe Steve Young doesn’t belong on the list. He was good but not a goat. Replace him with Rodgers (not gonna include the guy with the best QBR in HISTORY?)


Hey, where’s the Broncos? Oh wait…..i forgot….they couldnt.


Its all good Bengals, you gettin Joe Burrow in the draft, if you guys make the choice in selecting him.

bruce lau

Drew Brees MF Goat does it again

    Saad Syed

    Jared Volle Brees>Brady
    I’m not even a Saints fan

    Jared Volle

    WoofyDogz you don’t need to be fast to be a quarterback

    Jared Volle

    Saad Syed yea and you’re also probably biased against Brady so that doesn’t mean much, especially since you didn’t even back it up.

    Saad Syed

    Jared Volle and you’re probably some bandwagon Patriots fan.

    Jared Volle

    Saad Syed ah yes, the classic “You’re a bandwagon Pats fan,” you really got me.

bruce lau

Jason Witten one handed catch?

    Aaron Rodgers

    Around 9:50

Noah Nussbaum

4:12- “He has his 2nd td catch of the quarter” i think u guys forgot one of stills’ tds

Smith Cornelius

The moment you realize….

That Tampa bay is 7-7


Wilkins! and he gets in…

Nick Vernald

Tom Brady literally is a checkdown machine. His first TD was 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage


Another great touchdown video to end Week 15


They should show more Lions TDs in these highlights.

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