“We Were Built for this Moment” Unscripted: Inside the 2019 Eagles Season | Ep. 8 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kaz -_-

Like for this eagle 🦅


The Seahawks A Good Warm Up 🤣🤣😭

Eagles djBrown

Trippin right now how its all going down. Proud to be an Eagles fan.

Forrest Smith


Call Me J. R.

Eagles can win this 🙌🙌🙌🙌

    Emmanuel Soriano-Carrillo


Call Me J. R.

This is the new Eagles 🦅,

Willy Wonka

We all we got, we all we need

Antonio Moses

Two firsts will happen tomorrow: it’ll be mines and Carson Wentz’s first playoff game.

    Emmanuel Soriano-Carrillo

    Carson Wentz first *playoff win! We got this bro, no doubt in my mind were taking this team to the divisional round.

    Dakota Robinson

    Me too bro, section 219. Hope you are as excited as me!


Fly Eagles Fly We about to get this W

Norman Jablonsky

Got me runnin the rock just like I play quarterback for the Eagles Randall Donovan or Michael

Vivienne Clark

This “shell of a team” dug down deep and pulled out the next man up mentality big time~!! And they ain’t done yet~the East is NOT ENOUGH~!!!💚🦅💚🦅💚🦅💚🦅💚Its time to FLY EAGLES NATION~!!

    Kevin Paul

    Even Aikman said it was one of the best team wins he’d ever seen, against his cowboys too. This team is so good all around and so deep, as long as they have Carson behind the wheel i believe in them

    bob Hertz

    Vivienne Clark Let’s Do This! Started at Philly.500 … then the awesome Good Morning Football clip… now here… man I am pumped for this game!

Robert Ciabattoni

People have short term memory. Don’t tell em who you are ….. SHOW EM.

Robert Ciabattoni

People have short term memory. Don’t tell em who you are ….. SHOW EM.

Mitchell Morales

I’m so proud of this team 😭

    Trey Lorinza

    Me too

Stephen White

Can’t wait till Sunday this team is consistently disrespected by the media and it’s time for them to eat crow go birds 🦅


I’m ready to run through a brick wall!!!!

Jackie Chiles

“We all we got, we all we need.” I felt that. It sent chills down my spine. Let’s go, Birds!

Freak A Zoid

We hungry for another WIN 🤔

Nature Baker

We all we got, we all we need 💯
We’re always over looked
They always talk smack
We’re always the underdog

loyal Bird

Picking out a spot on Broad St. now.. Our season was our preseason..Lets get it..E.A.G.L.E.S…GO BIRDZ

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