Deontay Burnett on Key to Sudden Success: “Trusting Your Process” | Eagles One-On-One – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Deontay Burnett on Key to Sudden Success: “Trusting Your Process” | Eagles One-On-One

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Deontay Burnett sits down with Molly Sullivan to discuss his performance against the New York Giants, his relationship with quarterback Josh McCown, and more.

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birdgang 757

He da future


I never even heard of this dude till week 17 but glad to see him getting opportunities and taking advantage of them, keep up the great work Deontay 💯


Seems like a humble good kid hope he balls out…Go Birds FlyEaglesFly

kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

He’s good he get seperation
Huge yardage


Doug & The Crew Knows He’s Special 👹 Eat Up 🍜

Robert Ciabattoni

The fact that these guys were chilling on the practice squad while Agholor was having emotional mental breakdowns at $9 million a year 🤦🏻‍♂️

Tony Trent

Never heard of him until we brought him up from the practice squad. I heard he had actual game experience so i looked at him on youtube. I immediately knew he had big play ability and look it came to show in his first game with that 41 yr catch. Im excited we got this kid another steal.


    No doubt my man, and that’s what we’ve been missing since DJack went down. And shoutout to Robert Davis too, he caught a big one under serious pressure in coverage (But it got reversed because of a dumbass holding penalty). But I just got a feeling Davis and especially Burnett could be big for the Eagles.

Ashton Swartz

Where have all of these guys been first we get Boston Scott and he’s a beast then Greg ward who better be getting a contract then we have josh Perkins now we have this guy who just off out of nowhere goes off all of these guys i just mentioned better be getting a contract

    Jayson Adams

    Dnt 4get Robert Davis…

Cyrus Jay

If you look at his old highlights he’s been making catches like that A LOT 🦅🦅🦅

John Franklin

It’s a great story, I actually pictured him calling his family on Christmas Eve to tell them he’s been put on the roster!

ezra spencer

Sounds Jamaican..


Anyone else go “Who” when he cought that ball against the Giants.

    Erick Lopez

    NoFlags fr I was like who dat?? And then the next thing that came out my mouth was “hit him again”!!!!

Teo Strong

“I want to give Philadelphia the best that I have”

Marquise W

22 yrs old.. This kid has a bright future.

Antonio Moses

ANOTHER young cat from our practice squad. I feel like he’s gonna have a big game and ball out. Howie has some big decisions to make in the off season and I feel like these former practice squad cats need to become starters next year.

N8 Dogg

I hope he Score dis Sunday!!! Let’s go!!!


13 catches 167 yds in the Rose Bowl.
He is a surprise or hidden gem?
Does not add up.


    Word?! Burnett might be a future Desean Jackson we’re looking at right now.


Agholor contributed strong to our SB.
Plz show him respect even though he has faded some.

Freak A Zoid

One the Eagles’ X Factor 🤔

Grumpy Cat

great host. charisma, good energy, focused interviewing, and a pleasure to the eyes!

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