“We play to win” || Bill O’Brien recaps the Houston Texans AFC South Divisional Victory – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Big Possum

Hope this guy is out next year that’s my Christmas gift

Brad Groux



    Brad Groux Classic!

Unknown Unknown

OB’s offense is trash …You have one of the best young QB in the NFL and you win a game because Tampa’s QB Winston over threw wide open WR’s …..Guarantee Texans will sign injury prone #15 Will Fuller to a $100 million dollar extension ….Texans gave away all high draft picks next year for Jeremy Tunsil and Duke Johnson … so basically Texans are stuck with Will Fuller …No team in NFL would trade for Fuller

    PGD Panda

    LAREMY Tunsil was a good trade. Not duke

David Rogers

O’Brien nothing personal but I wish they would get rid of you but they aren’t because the owner likes you

Andy Nguyen

OB ate the cheese before his players get a chance to. Division win is all you can handle Bill

lone wolf

Texans need to replace him.we have a good team the only thing that is holding us back is bill.

    lone wolf

    And bud Adams he wasn’t a part of the Houston Texans organization

    Jeff Fontenot

    @lone wolf I find it a bit peculiar that you seem to be as brave as a lion to ask for my address after calling you a nitwit for accusing me of being a Texan fan for only 5 yrs, but yet your feelings seem to as delicate of aluminum foil. Peculiar or funny, I haven’t decided but usually, these 2 attributes are proportionate.

    But here you go.

    Jeff Fontenot

    @lone wolf I am aware, since you had to look that up. That is how long I have been a fan of Houston football. Not since Carr, or Capers or Watt for that matter

    Jeff Fontenot

    @lone wolf yep Pete did take them just like many other coaches. I am not saying Bill will take them, but he is the right kind of coach that can. Everyone said that about Jeff Fischer and Kubiac and again, look what happened.

    lone wolf

    @Jeff Fontenot thank u I’ll be showing up

Jeff Fontenot

SO GLAD he is my teams coach!!!!


    Coach O’Brien has hired Andre Johnson and Cushing as coaching staff. Nuff Said!

    Jeff Fontenot

    @S Jamison Because, 6 out of 7 winning seasons. he is creative, he finds ways to win even though he has not been given a complete team at anyone given time. Plus, listen to how his players talk about him. they have his back, they believe in him. Kubiac, just like him, won the superbowl and Bill has a much better record that Kubiac. I like him.

    Jeff Fontenot

    @mark price yea, he is having an issue that he has been working on with penalties, I give you that. but 10 wins…. 10 and we played some good football teams.

    Jeff Fontenot

    @JONES ROYCE SELASSIER Thanks for your reply, you have put effort into it. It is a whole team effort and I agree with you on all of that, I do though like that he cut players for lack of discipline on and off the field.

    Jeff Fontenot

    @mark price You dont win very many games in the NFL if you are not ready and are undisciplined, being ranked 10th in the red zon, much less winning 10 games, winning the division 5 of 6 times and recently beating the Patriots, Cheifs and a charging titans team. Come on man.

Oliver C Vanhoesen

Should be coaching peewee football and even that might be susceptible

    Bob Dylan

    Suspectible? I think you mean suspect.


Win the AFC Championship or the Super Bowl and prove yourself coach! Let someone else call the plays. Let Watson do his thing and play to his ability.

I Believe!! I’m a Texan!! 🤘🏽🤘🏽🔥🔥🔥

Ruby Gill

Can we just win one playoff game

    Brad Groux

    He has won a playoff game… with Brock Freaking Osweiler at QB. He can do it with Deshaun.

David Jauregui

2019 AFC South Champs 🤘🔥🔥🔥
Let’s go Texans!!!!!!!!

G. T.

You won’t go far with a mediocre play calling

Frontline Sam OG

U don’t know how to coach Watson 😔🐎

    Make out hill

    No 🎓

Vincent Vaughan

I am glad the TEXANS won that was a close game! WE ARE TEXANS YEE HAW!!!


Okay Bill, play call us to the AFC Championship. Mean what you say, because the players do!

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