“Feels good to be AFC South Champs” || Deshaun Watson on what’s next for the Houston Texans – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Patricio Velasco Oyervides


    David Jauregui

    Go Rockets!

Richard Gutierrez


David Jauregui

AFC south champions. Let’s go Texans!

David Rogers

We need Will Fuller to stay healthy so important to the offense

    Jedidiah Blaque

    Its time to move on from Will.

    David Rogers

    @Jedidiah Blaque yes I know physically he’s fragile he stays hurt a lot reminds me of Kevin Johnson D-Back he was the same way fragile

parker tyrop


Quinn Williams

You deserve so much better smh… congratulations on the win.


    Lol what’s that supposed to mean??

    Quinn Williams

    @xA1R23x His HC and OC is terrible

Candy Cane Network

Love this guy he does no wrong in my eyes


We got alot of work to do still but 😍 i love me some Texans. #DW4 🤤

Jennifer Sanchez

Go texans


Texans aren’t done yet 🤘🏽🤘🏽🔥🔥🔥

Isaiah Harris

#Houston #DW4


Will Fuller has 2 weeks to get healthy…against Denver it showed that we need him!

TOO Sweet

Deshaun Watson is Better Then Lamar Jackson ever will be, AND Better then Patrick Mahomes. Texans need to give him that New England offensive Line and win 6x Superbowls

    HTX 713

    I think him and Mahomes are equally as talented but yeah I agree Lamar has been a lil hyped up cuz of the 1 good season he’s had… but he’s not better then Wilson/Mahomes and Watson but he’s easily the 4th best QB in the league behind those players I named

    TOO Sweet

    @HTX 713 well said. I Just think Watson has a Superbowl aura about him. When i think of Mahomes and Jackson they don’t give me that sense. Houston is being Slept on.

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