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Tasty Buffalo

Kirk Cousins: YOU LIKE DAT PASS?!!!
Richard Sherman: I DO.

    Hurricane 774


    Kerwin Carlson

    Sherman to Theilen: You like dat stiff arm at the top of the route?


    I happy when vikings beat saints and I o k that vikings lose to 49ers football is business they los or they win we get nothing .

    ally enright

    What about Kendricks?

Casual Viewer

Crowd so loud I can’t even hear the air horn after TDs

    John Nichols

    @TC It’s a violation of NFL rules. I think Atlanta got fined a while back for pumping in fake crowd noise. The Colts too at some point were accused of it. I’m sure there’s plenty more occasions that I can’t remember right now. But if you have to pump in fake noise then your fans suck. E.A.G.L.E.S. EAGLES!!!

    Brian Ritzpatrick

    John Nichols I think they in the conversation now lol Kirk cousins couldn’t hear all game. Neither could Russell when he came in to SF. Keep in mind the stadium is open. KC NO SEA all have stadiums that keep in noise

    jesus sosa

    Casual Viewer I just noticed that. I’ve been to that stadium and that fog horn is LOUD

    Jake Arsenta

    Brian Ritzpatrick LOL! US Bank Stadium does better.

    Kanji Santos

    @J510 must be just a bay area thang then huh


God damn I love the 49ers uniforms

    Lilslim 650

    Red n gold till I’m dead n cold


    They’re the classic ones they wore back in the 70’s and 80’s. They tired to make changes and shifts, and it didn’t work.

    You can’t mess with what’s already perfect.


    EdmacZ they’re our standard home jerseys lmao


the only #1 seed that actually could beat a 6 seed this year🤣

    ally enright

    That’s really not much to brag about. Like, wow, Arnold just beat up Urkle.

    Gabriel Lyles

    Edward Gaines had no idea Lamar Jackson was a team

    John Nichols

    @NightlaneX 2 You’re probably right but still would’ve been nice to see what would’ve happened. I think the Eagles would’ve had more of a chance than people think. They were getting most of their injured players back for the next round. I’m just tired of the refs ruining a lot of these games. If someone blatantly spears someone in the head then there needs to be a 15 yard penalty and an ejection. For whatever reason it seems like Wentz doesn’t get the protection from the refs like other QBs. I could just be partisan however. But Clowney still should’ve been penalized and ejected. I think I’m going to root for the Titans now. Henry is a beast and Tannehill has earned his way to where he’s at now.

Crush 8

Bills: we just played the worst 2nd half of the postseason

Vikings: Is that a challenge?

    Ligma_Testacles Murshed

    Patriots: I’m head out

    Virsallo Aggo

    Ravens: Am I a joke to you?

The Journey

Remember when y’all said the niners were pretenders ?🤣


    @Josh Guiomar They’re first in the NFC North at 13-3….I think saying they suck is an exaggeration? lol

    Terrell McCain

    @R S we are pretenders huh? We beat the Saints, Packers, and now the Vikings. How is that pretending?


    Josh Guiomar trust me Aaron Rodgers and the packers are gonna want revenge after you guys blew them out lol

    Maurice Gray

    @Marcus McGraw no all wrong my man niners aren’t relying on drag routes. If you said slants and in routes I’d agree but Jimmy doesn’t check down to rbs much either sure he throws short passes but he puts his wr in run after catch situations constantly hes accurate on intermediate routes inside or outside the numbers his deep is very efficient but I feel he tends to make wr wait or slow up for the ball to much.. and like you seen this game he wont see the Lb and he’ll give up the pick… but as a niner fan I hated his td/int ratio I said he threw too many interceptions
    but i noticed real early he moves the ball efficiently down the field he controls time of possession and converts 3rd downs before he throws a int and surprisingly he plays better after the int he manages the game well and I mean that as no slight because hes aggressive at the same time and that generates tds and not fgs when we had alex Smith

    Immovable Object

    @Z16A6G72TT not with that defense.

Ryan Heisler

“You like That?”

RIP Vikings


    more like We Hate That!

    Edward Gaines

    Kirk got sacked half a dozen times! Just beam him up Scottie!

    YMSA (:

    Sherman liked it

    Mot Goaiu

    Yes 👋o

    Jake Arsenta

    We’re winning the Super Bowl next year. SKOL.


So this the team that beat my saints huh I’m killing myself after this

    Warren Mazengwe

    @Aaron Campos – STOP IT!!! Your arguments make no damn sense, because it applies to every winning team.


    @Aaron Campos you sound like a straight hater mate, stop being a salty beej, does nobody any good especially yourself.

    Aaron Campos

    @B00STEDBAP3 neither was the saints had 2 starting linebackers out and they helmet to helmet jared cook after they saw they didn’t have an answer for him


    @Aaron Campos super cool story bro

Shaze_101 Gaming

The Vikings main goal from now on, is to upset the saints and dip 😂


    @MRE Clay lmao the Aints had the ball FIRST in overtime the last two years and still lost? Lmao pure choke, not even the refs bub

    Shark Sandwich

    Star Projectors if they own them then how come Brees is 1-4 against them? The 1 win being the illegitimate “super bowl victory” you saints fans keep falling back on because your franchise literally has nothing else going for it. Oh, and if your team is so great, then why are they early eliminations every year? Vikings weren’t supposed to win a single playoff game. Enter your pathetic team

    Maurice Gray

    @Z16A6G72TT you should never go in to a game with intention to hurt someone…
    But theirs no asterisk on that superbowl

    lil cigga

    MRE Clay nah mang Drew Brees plays like an old man in the playoffs. The overall game from the saints was trash this time. But it is good that it gets the delusional Vikings fans’ hopes up that they’ll get somewhere meaningful only for them to get destroyed the next game.

Garf Barf

Both purple teams fall in the divisional..


    Joel Johnson

    Purple 😢 Pain

    Akbar Shabazz-Jenkins

    @FIU Student ur mom looks hideous


    LSU should be worried

    lil cigga

    FIU Student I like the Seahawks weird uniforms. Browns have the worst uniforms in my opinion

Seamus Lewin

4:00 the Aussie Samuel said “get trucked mate”.


Jimmy G is still playing in the playoffs while Tom Brady is home and he’s doing it as a captain on Tom’s favorite team.


    @Randall Denison Once again Belichick was right. Why anyone would disagree with him about football is beyond me.


    @Randall Denison SwOoSh!!¡¡

    John Hatchel

    @Randall Denison Because 90% of his throws are 6 yard slants over and over and over any QB could do that. Belichick has so many receivers running slants in every direction someone is always going to be open long enough for noodle arm Brady to throw a quick 6 yard pass.He repeats that so the defense can win the game. Tom Brady is barely average.

    Jamal Edwards

    @John Hatchel boy are you stupid? Its call pushing the defense to play up so Brady can actually throw deep…….and it worked. How do you think they beat rams last year.

    Randall Denison

    @John Hatchel you are WAY past ignorant. You can hate but to be dumb enough to make statement like this. By far the goat QB.maybe best football player ever. Once again! Tell me how many 💍 pats have without Tom Terrific!?!?

Taylor Jones

Love Kittle’s face after Brieda’s fumble

Its like: “Yeah it’s their f-ing ball”

    Bob Sports


    arjan van tongerlo

    Great guy, also checks up on that Vikings defender at 10:07 after he falls down at the end of the play.

    Unhapppy Knave400YOUTUBE

    Taylor Jones Kittle is amazing


    @arjan van tongerlo I can’t wait for when he turns heel


    Another great Iowa tight end. Go Hawks!

John Skobielew

“Feels Great Baby!”


    Hi tom 😂😂

Peter Ineleo

Cousins against the Saints – Thanos in Infinity War

Cousins against the Niners – Thanos in Endgame

Zeeshan Yousafi

Reporter: Kirk how are u feeling after this devastating lo……



Not sure if the 49ers are “for real” yet…



10:06 Kittle is a good guy


    Had to watch twice to see it. You’re right, he’s a good guy.

    Sonicplys 64

    That German Suplex tho.

Cody Campbell

3:35 when the quarterback lays out a linebacker.

    I'm not arrogant, I'm just better than you.

    And then goes in for the fumble.

    VPW Network

    Cody Campbell jimmy g played linebacker in HS he said in an interciew. linebacker and qb

    D'Terrious Gilmore

    @I’m not arrogant, I’m just better than you. That wasn’t a fumble.

    Alejandro K

    @D’Terrious Gilmore The point is that the ball was out, and Jimmy G wants to win badly enough that he dove into the pile without a moment’s hesitation

curtis wilson

2017: The Vikings beat the Saints and get destroyed in the next round
2019: The Vikings beat the Saints and get destroyed in the next round

    playboy austyy

    cool but ion remember asking

    lil cigga

    Zen Master I feel like Brees plays like an old man in the playoffs

    FA Kell

    The NFL Rigged It’s Gonna Be 49ers And Texans At The Super Bowl


    2020: The End ✌

    Geeky Metalhead

    “Only a brick wall could stop you…. it’s name is the Eagles”

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