Tevin Coleman Has Himself a Day w/ 105 Yds & 2 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Pac Meez

“Feels great baby” > “You like that”

    MRTUPAC 28

    @Silver Is The Name What’s Skol?

    Anakin Skywalker

    That guy Alan stop self advertising

    Tayda Franklin

    @MRTUPAC 28 skol… squad keeps on losing

    MRTUPAC 28

    @Tayda Franklin Oh ok cool. I had to idea lol.

    Tayda Franklin

    @MRTUPAC 28 😂😂😂 anytime my friend!

49ers Boi

Nice for “pretenders”


    @Trevor Ward If they didn’t win then they would’ve lost

    Trevor Ward

    @kev127 damn i didnt think of it that way

    Seahawks Will Beat Slackers

    @Evil Duck The team that’s going to beat the Niners in the NFC Championship

    Boiled Frog

    Seahawks Will Beat Slackers bruh go argue with the slacker fans and worry about ur game

    Seahawks Will Beat Slackers

    @Boiled Frog Lol

Making Stones

Vikings o-line: *Ight ima head out*

    Seek Blu

    That guy Alan Are you really trying to promote a 29 second video?

    That guy Alan

    Seek Blu not trying succeeding

    Seek Blu

    That guy Alan By lying and saying it’s a highlight video? Congratz dude

    Sp33d Killz

    More like the whole damn offense was heading out

    That guy Alan

    Seek Blu i mean it got 90+ views and it’s not like everyone hated it. More likes than dislikes

That Real Shit Sports Talk

They had Kirk Cousins shook!!!

EG 101

Like = 49ers

49ers Boi

The one dislike is probably a Vikings fan 😂😂

    Vincent Aceves-Velasquez

    Stephen Curry Fan tell that to currys left wrist 😂😂

    ZayKing 56

    @Stephen Curry Fan salty

    Jonathan King

    Stephen Curry Fan must be rough for you huh? Vikes took the L, dude u made an account for injured all season…👀

Sim ?

*Vikings suffering from the effects of bountygate lol*

    Kaybe Vang

    Sim ? Naw there just the Vikings as always: losing every game that matters


He”s my logo and my favorite rb

    Patriots Highlights

    49ers where are you from?


    @Patriots Highlights Atlanta

    Patriots Highlights

    49ers were you born in California?

    Patriots Highlights

    49ers and when were you a 49er fan (just saying all this cuz he’s saying your a bandwagon)


    @Patriots Highlights no I’m not

Frank Martinez

Kirk Cousins in the locker room: “I didn’t like that!”

    Jay Stiles

    At least he can be with is cousins (Teammates) on the couch lol..


Coleman was finally hitting the right gaps again. Thank goodness the O-line is top notch👌


Vikings fan will not see a superbowl in their lifetimes and that’s ok

    That guy Alan

    I mean if we did it a few years ago… I posted the highlights btw if you wanna watch

SP_TC3 Trump

💯Niners put the Vikings defense to sleep mode on the second half. Bang bang niner gang…NEXT!

Kaden Henderson

Bang Bang Niner Gang For Life!!!!

taki Ken

SF Gooooooood!

MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6,

49ers ran all over the Viking at one point the 49ers ran the ball 10 straight times in the 3rd quarter.

Tayda Franklin

That’s my running back 😭😭😭😭😭


Bang bang ❤️💛

Henry in NorCal

Coleman had virtually disappeared the last month of the season.
Welcome Back Tevin …..


One of the most efficient backs in the NFL!!! 💯

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