Victor Cruz Sits Down with Dexter Lawrence to Recap His Standout Rookie Season | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


Swender Trunks

Like if Saquon can break ankles

Brayden Gonseth

Love this pick. Good job Dave Gettlemen. Big man who can pass rush for his size. He will rap up and stop the run


Notification squad!!


Put some pass rushing threats on the D Line next to him, will unleash him even more to rush and stop the run. We need a DC who runs a 4-3. He is wasted in a 3-4

    El Rey Del Dinero


    Vikram Lothe

    Ive never really understood the point of 3/4

    Jeter R

    DC should be able to teach 3-4, 4-3, be flexible


    @Vikram Lothe Mind you I’m a 4-3 man myself but the benefit of 3-4 is being more versatile and able to hide what you’re doing. 4-3 you essentially declare we’re coming at you with 4 guys but then again you can scheme it to work with DE dropping to coverage and a LB attacking the gaps or edge so it depends. 4-3 for sure is the best route with this kid and BJ and Tomilson.

    C Will

    MrJayGNYC 30+ Pressures for a rookie of his size is impressive. If he was around 310-315, he would of had 5+ sacks.

Mike Moran

Boy’s a monster

TneZ 537

Damn I miss Cruz on the Field


    Big facts we should have gave him another chance or at least utilized him more in his last season

Jules C

If he can get better technique and mold him all muscle instead of mostly muscle, Dexter is a HOFer. Can we get him into that, who knows. I think it’ll be easy for him. Let’s go goose



ThatOneGuy 123

Big boy gets after em! Go BIG BLUE

Bill McMichael

Solid run stuffer, hope he evolves into QB pressure guy as well.

    kenny Joseph


Bill McMichael

Should we congratulate a gm on a first rounder that’s solid? Dave deserves credit for trades and late rounders like Slayton for sure.

    kenny Joseph


Flymoolah man 27

Sexy Dexy oh hahahaha

Eury Andeliz

He’s gonna make multiple pro bowls in the near future. Hopefully Defensive player of the Year

Big Blue Squad

Future top 5 DT & future first team all pro

Joe Mauer

Solid pick. Need to surround him with some edge rushers.

    kenny Joseph


    Kevin Primm

    Sign Yannick
    Draft Simmons
    Sign Conklin
    Draft a center
    Would be a great start!!


Damn I miss Vic Cruz !! Can’t wait season 2 of big sexy dexy lol

Joseph Anthony

I would love to see his old teammate Isaiah Simmons on the field with him next year


    Hell yeah

    Christopher Strebeck

    Indeed..lets get this defense put back together..i want this defense to dominate and i think we are on our way..

Swedish Viking

Moving back to a 4- 3 will benefit Lawrence- A LOT!

Vance Bilow

Dex a beast yo!!!

Christopher Strebeck

Dude seems to have great character..good for you bro..go get em next year…

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