Steelers President Art Rooney II on 2019, improving for 2020, Bud Dupree, Hall of Fame, Hard Knocks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Steelers President Art Rooney II on 2019, improving for 2020, Bud Dupree, Hall of Fame, Hard Knocks

Steelers President Art Rooney II sits down with Missi Matthews to discuss the 2019 season, what he's looking forward to in 2020, Kevin Colbert, Bud Dupree, the defense, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Hard Knocks and more.

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This has the feel of the start of a 90’s re-do. Great “D” and terrible “O”

    Awesome Austin

    I feel your pain ??

    Joey Franklin jr

    Rc OMG just had a night mair Neil O’Donnell throwing interceptions

    J T

    It’ll be a great offense if Big Ben is healthy and his throwing elbow feels good. If not, it’s going to be worse than the start of the 90s!

    Joe Nobody

    With no run game and dominating Oline.

Legend Troy

Steelers better have a better 2020 season. 4life I will always be a Steeler fan.

    Travis Stoudt

    As long as Tomlin is ur coach u will never win ur 7th

    Legend Troy

    @Travis Stoudt with Tomlin the quarterback need healthy wide receivers Steelers could do it again

Todd Bowser

Ada boy Donnie YOU DESERVE IT buddy!!!!

brypete 1021

I tell you who needs to be in the hall of fame…GREG LLOYD…that’s long over due as well.

    Daryl Cray

    Yes 20 yrs over due


    Lloyd is my favorite Steeler of all time but he simply didn’t do it for a long enough period. 54.5 career sacks is nearly 150 sacks behind the all time leader. He was a great player but simply doesn’t have the numbers. He’ll never be in the Hall.

Kurt Hartz

Art make sure you get rid of Randy Fichtner as the offensive coordinator anyway he was a good QB coach but he definitely is not an NFL offensive coordinator!!!

Gregory Tucker

L c Greenwood and Andy Russell both deserve to be in the hall

Awesome Austin

Class Act !!!

Tino De Jesús

Vamos mis steelers

Brooks Simonds

Let’s look at the positive side, here are our great young players: Benny Snell Jr, Diontae Johnson, Devin Bush, Juju Smith-Schuster, James Washington, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and T.J. Watt

    a b

    @89ers your born wrong. He was on the team, then they released him and then re-signed him for like half a day before releasing him to Seattle to make room for one of the running backs.

    Intellectual One

    @89ers You’re the one who said you THINK, which indicates you don’t know.

    Don’t feel bad. Squealers fans are known bandwagoners. I once saw this Squealers fan who was wearing a Ravens jersey under his Steelers jersey. I asked him why and he told me it’s because he can celebrate whichever team wins the game. Said something about it being a Steelers thing. Whatever that means. You fit right in bro.

    Shawn Friend

    @Intellectual One are you wearing you’re 49ers gear yo mommy bought you after the cheatriots loss? Better find a new team because Brady and the pats are finished 😹😹😹😹

    Shawn Friend

    Also this guy literally can be found trolling the Steelers on every post … LOSER


Word of the day: *Optimistic*

    Jason Raybuck

    I’m optimistic that they’re so optimistic!

Richard Cisneros



Are you guys going to do a update on Big Ben? Like him shaving his beard and starting to throw.

    Christian Sulak

    they said he gets an update in february


They better not snub Troy this year for the hall of fame

Dan Parent

How come no one wants the steelers to be on hard knocks. I would like to watch what they do in the off-season and tie it into the season.


    Dan Parent what team has that ever helped by being on it

    Dave B

    Too many unnecessary distractions! Don’t want ’em, and definitely don’t need ’em!

need metal

He must’ve told her that one question about duck and she’d get smacked

Lincoln MacEachern

Look at the bright side; Brown’s gone, Tomlin’s not.

Otega _

Let’s cut the BS make good decisions and moves to get players/coaches when they are available


    You mean like Minkah Fitzpatrick? You can’t have all pros at every position.

Johnny Pastrana

There is a God…Donnie Shell in the HOF…All the best Mr. Shell…you were an awesome player and you truly deserve it. 👌🙌

Brighton Barnes

Let’s not forget Stephon tuitt who was tearing it up at the start of the season will be back to upgrade the d line even more !!

Brett Wilcosky

Pittsburgh is a gold standard franchise , middle linebacker breaks his back i,n the Steelers still keep him on team

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