Vic Fangio discusses Drew Lock’s offseason and making tough decisions with John Elway – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Taylor Capitanio

The future is so bright👀🌟 #BroncosCountry

Quentin Her

We need a new offensive coordinator like if u agree

    Quentin Her

    @Kelvin Diniz lol


    No. Scangarello has that flare in his playbook to fit in to the modern NFL. You can stop with that now.

    K L

    Scangs needs to be more aggressive no lead is ever safe in the NFL

    Quentin Her

    @TheEnigmaticOpaque lol


    Nah scangs is good

Kelvin Diniz

We need take a WR this draft, the class is very good.

Ruggs III is my favorite for the pick #15.


    Take the big weapon first, lineman second round, like last year. Fant and risner. This year….ruggs and leatherwood or wanogho..

    wassup 12

    @K L dude we have the 15th pick in the draft. All the top offensive tackles like andrew thomas and tristan wirfs will be gone for sure. Henry ruggs will be the best pick at 15.

    K L

    Anything can happen in the draft and player will not fall where they are projected to go which is why if there is a talented O line at 15 we need to build that fort for Lock and open holes for lindsay to run through

    Psycho Beatz

    Tim Patrick and Deshaun Hamlin Ron is good to

    Don thr33

    We need OL help we need upgrades across the board but 2nd in a afc west wat a turnaround let’s go Denver

Drink In

At 15 i like Lamb if he falls, if not I like Isaiah Simmons,

Str8 Enzo

Im excited about drew but can they ask different questions about other players. It annoying hearing every interviewer ask the same question over and over again.


We need a good corner back this draft

GT Venom

Bring back Danny trevathan

    K L

    This would be huge

    Slightly Above Average

    When I watch bears games he’s constantly setting up his teammates in the right spots and making sure everyone knows their job. He’s a leader on that D now. I miss that dude.

Dennis Neely

The God Father speaks…..

Shaun Martel

Vic fangio needs to work on his time management skills in the game. Point

Gabriel Mcquinn

Boy is that drew locks unc!!?

Ed McCaffrey

Love how Fangio wont show his hand at the table. No one has arrived, no one.

Mick Welch

Really should give Drew more credit! He played his heart out and turned the team around in many ways including mentally. Without them winning the last 4/5 games many were looking for Elway and coach to be replaced.

The Fiend



    Put the pipe down, and back slowly away……..

The Fiend



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Kinleigh Howren

Drew lock is goat

We need some offensive lineman this draft

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