Drew Lock reflects on ‘roller-coaster’ rookie season, explains what drives him – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
xX Mr Kasper Xx

So far so good! The potential looks good..

Cole Schmidt

Denver I beg you as a lifelong fan just surround this guy with talent! Draft or buy a good oline.

    Binx Negale

    @dallashood67 😂😂🖒


    It ain’t that easy 😂

    Daniel Gutierrez

    AbsmrItryhard of course it’s not but it’s possible 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Brenton Burbank

    @Beau Realy sure helped out in 97 and 98

    Atelier Studios

    Exactly! Protect him please!


I love this dude

Cole Schmidt

ESPN just ranked 2013 Peyton Manning as the best qb of the decade. Here’s hoping the next decade belongs to this young qb!


Were making the playoffs in 2020 with drew lock, Phillip Lindsay, courtland sutton, von Miller, Bradley Chubb, and the 2020 draft yet

    Colt Culver



    Yeah Simmons one of the best safety’s in football I’m surprised he didn’t make the pro bowl

    Bryndan Frazier

    Hopefully we don’t have to over pay Simon’s to keep him around

    Teresa Mack

    And Kareem Jackson!! 😃

Doug Noe

Finally feels like we have a quarterback and the coaching staff that’s going to stick around a while

    Bryndan Frazier

    @Eric P you do realize teams adjust at halftime right… The Texans have a good defense… In fact the only team that scored more points against the Texans this season was the Ravens

    Spencer Alvarez

    Still hate scangs dude has some head scratching play calls

    Spencer Alvarez

    @Bryndan Frazier my.prob with him is his conservativesness when were up

    Bryndan Frazier

    @Spencer Alvarez that’s something he picked up from shannahan in San Fran. He does the same thing. It’s almost like they are scared to mess up the lead once they have it

Yuri Gioia

This guys the real deal… His attitude speaks volumes, give him some talent and this team is going to be GREAT

Eddie Rascon

3:04 that was joe Flacco who ignored him 😑 DENVER please get rid of this old man we don’t need that “energy” in our team


    This really bothered me that it felt like joe flacco never cared. He comes across as someone who lost their passion. This kid just won his first game and is excited. But joe just wants to go home.

    Theory of Everything

    Joe Flacco really wasn’t helping the team, and I think that really had an effect, but right after Drew came, it was finally a hopeful season.

    Denver Fan

    Eddie Rascon I just think Flacco isn’t even interested in football anymore, no matter who he was playing with, no matter how many games they won

    Tanner Aitken

    Yah Joe Flacco has really made me not like him this season. He didn’t give any effort and then complained about the coaches in front of the media he refused to help Drew in any way and he is acting really petty towards Drew when he was put on IR the dude needs to go he’s a cancer to the locker room.

    Alex Haynes

    Even Vic Fangio says they need the right people and talent on this team and get rid of the ones who don’t fit in. I’m hoping he’s talking about Joe Flacco. He can’t even be excited for Drew’s first win. What a loser!!!

Toxic beast5

The future of Denver!

Slightly Above Average

This kid makes me excited for the future. He’s the first guy since Manning that you can feel that he knows he’s the guy.

Ventura Munoz

Don’t ruin this man Denver. We got somethin👏

James Vollan

Drew seems to be level headed and willing to do the job.

Just N/A

we been through a QB drought after Manning. we got something special

Kick Junky

I’m definitely getting a Lock Jersey

    Binx Negale


    Future Echo

    Get me one too😉

    Michael Conner

    And a Phillip Lindsay jersey.

Dank memes

We need the arm sleeve back


    Dank memes He’ll bring it back next season when Denver isn’t a tundra

    The Discussion

    And the visor

Tyson Fury Outboxes Jesus Christ

THE SWAG CHAMP. This is who Baker thinks he is…

Ed McCaffrey

As much excitement as I feel about him I still want to pump the brakes and give him some breathing room. I will say it looks like he really wants this.

    J WMS

    I don’t think this is the real Ed McCaffrey but at the same time I have a little suspicion that it is…

    Ed McCaffrey

    @J WMS So sorry to disappoint you. Yes I am the real Ed McCaffrey, just not the former wide receiver. I was born and raised in Montrose, Colorado and am a lifelong Bronco fan. I was in Sports Illistrated before he was, was featured on ESPN before he graduated from Stanford. I invented the Winter X Games, and am the first an only American Skier to have ever set and held the world’s record for the most vertical feet ever skied in 24 continous hours. Interviewed on Good Morning America and the Today Show. Of course all of this can be verified on Google. I have the only official Orange home game Bronco jersey #87, with McCaffrey on the back signed To Ed McCaffrey From Ed McCaffrey. He and I met, at his request and he signed my Sports Illistrated article the same way, To Ed McCaffrey from Ed McCaffrey. This is not an attempt to take anything away from his incredible accomplishments, rather my feeble attempt to clarify that I am the real Ed McCaffrey and there is another one who was a great Bronco football player. An article was written about a 3rd Ed McCaffrey who lives in Denver and is a pilot for either American or United Airlines, I cannot remember. But the newspaper article highlighted that there were 3 Ed McCaffrey’s living in Colorado and we all 3 has unusual accomplishments. All that aside I want you to know that the Ed McCaffrey Bronco WR, is a phenomenal athlete, a tremendous gentleman, and I enjoyed meeting him.

Thomas Bliss

My man is a lyrics guy. Love it. No mumble rap

Josh C

i think we’ve got an amazing young team that is doing so well and also has a lot of room to grow! Lock is a real leader!

Teresa Mack

I’m on board!

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