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jose velazco


Mason Morris

Do you think the chiefs will like this comment?

All about the Brandkamp’s

Headed to Miami We are really going to the super bowl.

    Unnecessary Roughness

    See you there ! I am headed there as well.

John B

GET YOU SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John B

Thanks for making me the most hated person at my work here in Nashville! Over 35 years hard core and counting!!

    Jaxon Smith

    Same here bruh….I rock my Chief’s gear here in Vegas everywhere I go. I stay reppn the Kingdom for life!

    House of Eight

    I’m near Nashville also. My husband’s from Kansas City. We are rocking Chiefs all the way!!

    Derek Lee HotShot USA 1981

    Keep your head up….. The hate is great.

    John B

    @House of Eight Heck yea… I wish I could attach photo’s on this forum. I displayed a 20ft tall Mahomes banner across from my corporate office downtown on “Tighten Up” day.

    Salazar Payne

    @John B Someone has to have video of that somewhere. Next time, just use your phone and take a video. It’s easy to setup a YouTube account, under a fake name and download it.

R jdunnw

Let’s go go boys… championship swagga

    Jacob Feldhaus

    R jdunnw yup🔥🔥

jennifer aceste

Best Cheifs video, EVER!

Norman Castor

Yeah!!!! Baby!!!!

The Gully Farm

Can we get a NickName list.

Kelce – Beastie

Clark Shark

Mahomes QB1

Hitchens The Hawkeye

Let’s list them.

    the highlight

    Dirty Dan Sorenson

    Salazar Payne

    Correction: Tank Clark

    I came up with that 3 weeks ago… I hope it catches on.

Derek Lee HotShot USA 1981


Sheev Davé

anyone know the song at @0:23?

Jose Gamez

We’ve waited 50years for this, I’M 38 YEARS OLD AND I’VE STILL WAITED 50YEARS FOR THIS,you ain’t stopping this NO WAY -Mac Lethal KC Chiefs anthem 2020

Yirmayahu Yehudah Ben Yasharal

😊😉🙂 #ChiefsKingdom

RK Belmont

Imagine if Dee Ford makes the game winning strip sack for the 49ers, he would become the most hated player in Kansas City.
Or, Dee Ford could commit a game losing penalty for them, would be fitting.

    Jack Wemply


    RK Belmont

    @Jack Wemply damn a random youtube loser is answering

    Breakglass Dawkins

    You corny dude

    Look ma no clothes

    Sound like you want Dee Ford’s dic

    Sports Fan until the end

    @Look ma no clothes


G. Daniel Butler

They definitely deserve this. I hope we can keep this team together. I hope Len Dawson is still alive to see this! I wish my grandfather and father would have known they would have been so happy

    Victor Hardin

    Hes definitely still alive

samson gersing

My Homies ❤️ Kansas City CHIEFS!! How about that Defense!!!

TacoStaco _DBZ

we got a

honey badger
frank clark the shark
dirty dan
showtime mahomes
t sizzle

Crimson Dawn

Don’t forget the fans, they were there too. If it wasn’t for fans you would not have the NFL, athletes seem to forget the simple thing that makes the most difference…the fan.

Shannon Perez

Can’t stop wont stop Kansas city chiefs!!!!!

Jamal P.

We still got one more to go. GO CHEIFS!!!

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