Talking Patrick Mahomes & More With GMFB’s Peter Schrager | In The Trenches 1/24 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

How ‘bout those CHIEFS

    Alex Kraus


Norman Castor

Very cool interview nice 👍 🔥🔥

a Fili and some joe

Just gotta ask…WTF is up with Mahomes’ left arm in the photo? No wonder he’s so good, he has 2 elbows!!! lol

    Alex James

    That friend, is called a shoulder pad

Aleck Boyd

Dirty Dan is the man!

    Trent Baca

    He so is! 2 huge playoff performances!!

Terry McBride

Nobody is talking about how this teams playing together, Role players,Super Stars “Everybody”
Is playing out of their Minds!

Rjevon77 Gaming

This game is going to be trench warfare. go chiefs!!

Mario Borrego

let’s GO CHIEFS BOY!!!!

Shari Todd

Where will you be posting your Andy Reid history piece? I’d love to read it! And I am so excited for this Chiefs team, and am especially thrilled with the superstar athlete and person that Pat Mahomes is…he should be crowned Mr. Football for his mad skillz and his off the field poise and class, too!!

Sean S.

We’re gonna win. And I’m not saying that cuz the Chiefs are what I live for, it’s cuz I’ve done the analytics on this game and the teams. Rodgers put up 20 points in the last half of their conference championship game, only having 1 great WR…..we seriously have 3 above average to super star WRS AND either the #1 or 2 TE, I always go with #1 OF COURSE 😬 and D Williams is great out of the backfield catching it on the run. Our o-linemen are no slouches. I think if the 9ers are able to sack Mahomes 3 times, then they did pretty good. That said, Mahomes is breaking records this playoff run and I don’t see them stopping us. As for the 9ers run game, we stopped both the Ravens AND the Titans from beating us this year, who are both very run heavy teams. So if the 9ers have ANY CHANCE WHATSOEVER of even keeping pace with us, Jimmy G has to get up near 330 yards and 3 TDs. I don’t see that happening. My prediction of the score the day after we found out we were going to the SB, was 34-31. Then I switched it to 38-30. But I’ve made one last tweak and changed it to 37-33. Leggo #ChiefsKingdom

    Steve Stevensteverson

    I think the Chiefs are gonna leave them in a puddle honestly. 35-20

    Don trump supporter 110%

    Makes mucho sense amigo!!!! Seems ur on top of reality!!! Go CHIEFS!!!!

John Wiggins

I’ve always hated GMF those people are some of the biggest clowns


love the podcast!!!

milk yo

I love mahomes but y’all have to give more credit to the team. if the blockers don’t block for him he can’t throw, if the catchers don’t catch for him he doesn’t get throwing stats. Come on man this is not a one-man team. We have like 8 pro bowlers on our damn team.

    Home Skillet

    He’s the best player at the most important position in sports, Mahomes should be celebrated. I don’t think it’s lost on anyone that it’s a team sport.

Don trump supporter 110%

2 fumbles(1for td) two interceptions( 1 pic6) and 51 pts….his worst game was his best game at L.A. rams. Amazing quarterback….. Goat Brady…. Here comes the kid!!!!

    Home Skillet

    Go Chiefs! Donald Trump is a fucking chump though.

Lamour Hilburn

Peter: “Andy Reid deserves this!”


This team as a whole can hold their own in the trenches…. Have the edge in depth…. Double you up on talent…. Embarrass you with speed…. Out smart you at coaching and end you by quarterback. 44-17 Chiefs. Mahomes Superbowl MVP

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