Uchenna Nwosu Wednesday Press Conference – October 19 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Uchenna Nwosu Wednesday Press Conference – October 19

Uchenna Nwosu met with the media post to talk about playing in his hometown of Los Angeles this week, how comfortable he has been being in , and highlighting the two rookie tackles in Abraham Lucas and Charles Cross.

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Jacob Henry

So glad we signed Uchenna in the offseason. Dude has been a difference maker consistently!


Uchenna, We will be cheering ya on. Keeping rising!!!!

Andrew Nguyen

Dude a baller


Great signing by pete and john. Nwosu going to have a great season 👏 👍

Emerald City 206

Great pickup …

Rainbow Man

Beautiful! 😍

Maverick Consulting Group

John working his magic getting this dude in off season. Such a playmaker!! 👍🏻👏🏻💙💚


Future coach right here 😊

Michael Crowhorse - Chavez

Hes a Warrior Lo e his Mindset and his Geme plan of Cordition as a player team work and comunication BOOmX # 10


This guy was a Avril/Bennet type of addition, I can see him being a long time fan favorite for us.

Amy Falcon

Great job #Nwosu 👏👏👏. Goooo Hawwwks!! 4-3!! 💚💙💚💙

    ronnny Sosa


ronnny Sosa

Was upset that we didn’t resign him …. Him and Derwin James were key pieces to our defense … glad he’s flourishing in Seattle …. I knew chenna was gunna be special from the day we drafted him

Adam Walker

Man i.just love this team ! Don’t sleep on us .this whole team is gellin .Go Hawks!


Bro is a baller

Cameron Robinson

You keep it 💯 !!! Big KUDOS!!! 👊🏾💯 #Hawks4Life 💚💪🏾👊🏾💯💙


Killing it this year. Hoping you ball out against your old club.

Jeff Foumal

Go Seahawks 🏈 💙 💚

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