Tariq Woolen Wednesday Press Conference – October 19 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Tariq Woolen Wednesday Press Conference – October 19

Tariq Woolen talked with the media on Wednesday to talk about winning NFC Defensive Player of The Week, how he feels he has grown so much from his play in college, and how going against receivers like DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett in practice has helped him get better.

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Esteban Soto

Future 🐐!!! Proud of you bro!


i seriously like this guy more and more every day! Go Hawks!

B Ruh

Genuinely love this guy. Positive attitude and strong mental game makes you boundless. Answers are concise and he clearly understands his ability well. Sky is absolutely the limit for him. I do wonder if hes indulging himself in some of that Seattle greenery lol


We love this kid but people gotta stop putting so much praise and expectation on a rookie. Let him ball and let him fail if that’s what it takes. Sherm got 8 INTs his second and third seasons then then people stopped throwing his way.


I could sit and listen to Tariq all day long. Congrats on the win this week Tariq


This is a long-time comparison. Woolen reminds me of Darrell Green. He was just faster than everyone else and because of that played into his 40s. Joey Galloway too was also the kind of player that was just a different speed in games and had a long career because of it.


    Yep desean Jackson just returned for his 15th season for that same reason


Nice kid! Glad he’s on our team.

Seahawk777 GOATS

Calling it now, he’s gonna be DROY! 🔥🔥🔥

    Daniel Capps Jr.

    Offensive and defensive rookies of the year, two bookend tackles and a pass rush specialist… plus coby Bryant.. and whatever comes of bo melton, dareke young and tyreke smith who’s still not practicing… shoot I’ll rock withit

    Very Rare Sauce

    @Daniel Capps Jr. imagine the team after the next draft lol

    Daniel Capps Jr.

    @Very Rare Sauce need another good draft to fill in all the holes but maaaannn . Exciting


What a fantastic young man. We are lucky to have him here and he is lucky to be in such an amazing program with coaches who care.

Jeremy Estrill

Such humbleness…..he’s gonna go far

Stephen Giese

The reporters love this guy and so do I! He is genuine, legit, determined and funny! Keep on keeping on😀

Maverick Consulting Group

Love this kid. Met him at training camp and he’s so genuine, authentic and humble. Absolutely the same in person as what you see here. DROY right here 👏🏻👏🏻Just don’t want him getting too much pressure, and media or fan pressure on him. Stay focused RIQ. Just let him play his game, be himself and keep it one game at a time. #Shadow 💚💙🫶🏻


I’m prouder than ever to be a Seahawk.
Congratulations for the Defensive Player of the Week Award 💙💚💙

George B

Listening to this young man talk and hearing how his coaches talk about how open he is to getting coached up, this young man is going to do great things in the NFL.


This young man is a star. Pete and John are geniuses for this last draft.

Chris Snape

Very real person, so cool Pete was interested and respectful of Woolen at the combine


so happy we have this man on our team, dude is smiling 24/7

Jason Abd.

Immediate favorite. So happy for his opportunity with SEA.

larry craven

What a good kid I hope he has a lot of success in this league.

Brian Kennicott

One of my favorite players hands down. I love his answers. I also love reading all the fans’ answers here too. We’re all excited and blessed he’s one of ours!!

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