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Nick Snow

Crazy what happens when mitch has time in the pocket and good play calling

    John Inphx

    When he is a run threat .. defense has to pause.

    Damien Gonzalez

    Nick Snow most definitely

    Lee Moore

    I know he’s awesome when he’s a duel threat 🐻🏈

I Can't State an opinion on the Internet

That’s my QB, Next week is your week Mitch shut the haters down and show why you were drafted No2 overall!🐻⬇️

    Mitchell Trubisky

    You just stated an opinion, and also, I got you chief 👍

    Art Soto

    The time to prove it is next week against his biggest rival, the packers

    iCu LQQKn

    Facts that 5th year option hanging on this game in the eyes of everybody except for Ryan Pace, I am willing to bet anything he already knows he is picking up that 5th year option. Id hate to say it; but Nagy benching Biscuits in the Rams game may be the best thing that has ever happened to this young team because I believe after that game Pace told Nagy he will be fired and looking for a job before Mitch is if he tries that bullshit again Nags threw that rams game and its obvious to anybody with a brain in their head because thats the only reason you would decline a 5 Yard penalty on 4th and 5 without even a measurement lol But since that Game we have seen Nags call plays Mitch is better at and more confident with, Nags has been doing what many of us said he needed to which is get 10 on the move and out of the Pocket, I forget the exact stat Olin Kreutz mentioned about how many rollouts it takes but I think it was 13 or more rollout plays in a game and Mitch is Undefeated in His NFL career, all his losses came in games where he didn’t get outside the pocket more than 13 times but I’d have to re-watch that interview of Olin, Lance, and Forte to say for sure the exact stat. BEARDOWN

Block Head

Mitch is really learning how to do it all all. He has some pocket passing experience now. Throw it all together and it’s gonna be a problem for the nfl. #10


That’s my Quarterback!!!

ariel colon

My man looking good !!! Never had a doubt lol jk


We got absolutely no help yesterday…… that Sucks..!

Varoujan Daniel Messier

The TE was open down the seem for a touchdown on the first play. Mitch thread the needle but it was the wrong read.

    Jacob Hohman

    Yeah, the only problem is that his progressions went right to left, so he had already passed the tight end Horstead, and then made the decision to throw it to miller if he didn’t throw to Miller, he would have went through his progressions again and probably saw it then

    J P

    Horsted was correctly covered when Mitch went through his progression so there’s no way he could’ve seen that safety trip up when Horsted got free


Pff called it almost interception throws😂but if it was mahomes that did it, it woulda been threading the needle


    If it was the “Behind the line of scrimmage screen passer” Prescott . they would be licking his jock strap with praise.

    Harvey Specter

    If Baker would have made that throw PFF would’ve made a whole show about it.

_count_ dooku_

Please look over Charles Leno’s awful playing style

Daniel Vincent

If only we had this play from him all season… amazing what a decent run game and time in the pocket can do for your young QB lol

Nelson Daniels



Money Mitch had a great Night, In the words of Jerry Jones “We took it to them” GO BEARS!!! 🏈 🐻

Tony C

Mitch has me balancing on a fence and I hate it.


Accuracy and precision are the same thing. Jus’ sayin’.

JP Bear Down Fam!

Entertaining for sure! GSH! Bear Down Fam!

Sam Brentwood

I’ll be a believer when he does it against the packers chiefs and Vikings…all three playoff teams this season.

Sam Brentwood

Damn in that first play the right end in the middle was wide open

Lawrence Fleming

Great throw by Mitch! 🎯🎯🎯…I just wish he would’ve snapped his head back to the right. The bigger play for a touchdown to Horsted was wide open. He’s still growing tho, great performance tho by QB1. 🐻⬇️

Anthony Newman

I think this kid just needed some confidence back! He looked great! Bear down!


1:12 could’ve had a touchdown tho

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