Update: Hicks eligible to return vs Packers, Smith placed on IR – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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DRK6 Wolfzツ Reply

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Andy Gama Reply

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MiketheYung God Reply

GB will severely wound the Bears and Pat Mahomes will finish them off.

    Trevor C. Reply


    MiketheYung God Reply

    XArekX imagine having TWICE as many losses as your opponent. Bears don’t have to imagine.

    XArekX Reply

    @MiketheYung God You got me so angry wow

    MiketheYung God Reply

    XArekX poor baby. You need to go to your safe place snowflake?

Free Bird Reply

Beat the Wackers!!!!

    Luis Torres Reply

    Free Bird those Wackers are about to kill this sad, sad, team! 34-17

    Mason Wright Reply

    Luis Torres shutup

    Nicholas Pergolizzi Reply

    *Fudge Packers


Wow y’all care about 1st 2nd 3rd?…you fools some of the best news we got all year is Akiem Hicks coming out for the packers game and y’all worried bout what number like you are what the hell is wrong with y’all 😈😈😈 omg let’s get excited for our center piece boys

Nilay Patel Reply

LET’S GOOO!!! HICKS coming back on my birthday! Bear down!

EyeDevise Rock Reply

One game at a time! BEAT THE PACKERS PERIOD!!!

Apache Chief Reply

Smith sucked since he came back for the Raiders game in London

    palanch89 Reply

    Apache Chief you dont watch football delete this

Lee Moore Reply

Come on Akiem come back have a monster game and take out Rodgers!! 🐻🏈

    Asante Saddler Reply

    That will be sweet!!!

    Lee Moore Reply

    Yeah on the first play as well!! 😂😬

Rock Hauler Reply

Beast mode

Andre Guest Reply

Let’s go Bears wip Green Bay azz I’m tired of that team go BEARS

JP Bear Down Fam! Reply

Go Bears!

Hotwheel66 Reply

Beat those Fudge Packers!

Kevin Reply

What about trevathan?

Nick Whittington Reply

My man Akeem has no gray! Young stud right there

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