Tre’Davious White | Live From the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
John Snow

Tre is hilarious… love this dude


They need to kill the pro bowl Name all pros and end it Why chance hurting a quality player

    Craig McCann

    The NFL presents this for fun and the all mighty $$$$$.
    No player is out there to get hurt.
    I see this as a game of fun.
    Why not let the players have a fun game and interact with each other.
    I enjoy it…

    Tom Gillotti

    They just need to change the format and get rid of the game itself. Replace it with multiple days of challenges and interactions between players and fans.

Craig McCann

Tre, Respect….

Kimberly Granger

Much love to Tre and his family! Love him!

John Budzinski

That’s my CB!😎😎🐃🐃💪⭕🎉💯

John Budzinski

Can we get Christian Wade on the show Please I want to know how he’s liking it in the NFL please. I don’t see how we dont pull him off practice squad this year #45

Brad Vescio

That’s my all pro, pro bowl cornerback! You are the man Tre!

Mel ManChild Jones


creezbee s.

Best interview ever

Tom Gillotti

Financial responsibility! Great role model!!

Joe Petri

He’s my favorite


Not trying to be “that guy” but he really is so humble and so respectful I’m so glad he’s on the bills

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