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GM Brandon Beane Discusses Bills Off-season

General Manager Brandon Beane addressed the media down in Mobile Alabama at the Senior Bowl topics include; draft prospects, free agency, and the benefits of watching practice.

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Andy Mandura

Beane in his Beanie

Clark Kent

We just need Jerry Rice & Eddie George.

    Elliot Eisler


    Bailey Pinkston

    That’s a lot to ask 😂

    Elliot Eisler

    Bailey Pinkston I’m sure we can pull it off. 🤘🏻😅

    Derek Puleo



Keep posting these videos. I wanna stay connected with the team. Thank you @Buffalo Bills

    Elliot Eisler

    Spencer check out “hashtag sports” … Dan Mitchell, Billievers talk, and Cover 1. All those channels provide awesome extensive bills coverage all offseason (and regular) long!!!

Elliot Eisler

Did beanie get punched in the face?

    Derek Puleo

    Looks cold there lol


I can’t stop looking at the reporters reflection in his phone lmao

Steven J. Trump 2020

It’s about time Buffalo uploaded another video!

Elliot Eisler

Love this GM, they have been killing the offseason for us lately and can’t wait to see what we do this year!!!

matthew moore

Keep being smart boys, continue upgrading offensive line!!

John Snow

A lot of tough decisions this offseason… don’t sleep on duuuuuuuke Williams. Not exactly a deep ball guy but he reminds me of what we thought kelvin benjamin would do here

Bagel Blarney

Geeze, Brandon looks like he’s 15!!

mac stacks

Let’s get the buffalo Bills embedded series going asap!

mac stacks

Need to target a true #1 wide receiver, offensive line, and small pieces on defense. Maybe another running back too, a big bruiser if possible.


The season never stops.

Cam Jackson's football page

Use all 9 picks on Offense

Steve Shubbuck

That’s my GM


I’m feeling that beanie!

Gabe Zilla Bills Mavs

“In Beane we trust”

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