Top True View Plays of Week 14 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Rafa Sabonge

Orale wey

Nike Trushkov

Where the hell is Kittle’s run?

    Michaelfh 570

    Nike Trushkov right that’s bull

    Joe Burrow Highlights

    Nike Trushkov they don’t have this true view technology in every game I’m guessing….I’m kinda glad 😂😅

The Voice of The Lord Pastor Keith Watts

You are kidding me right?
Are you telling us that the George kittle catch and run dragging 3 defenders for 20 yards while having his head ripped off is not in this!! COM’ ON MAN FOR REAL?? SMH

    R EMcW

    guess they didnt have this at the saints game

    TX Made Niner

    @R EMcW but for the browns and bengals games? Lol

    TX Made Niner

    @R EMcW guess thats why bellichek needed that bengals videos. Lol dangerous team

    R EMcW

    @TX Made Niner lol

    Austin 123

    The Voice of The Lord Pastor Keith Watts I think it’s cause they only had these angles for four games only

PantherCards 97

How can there be 50 people that are first

Ben Yeder


Peter Griffin


Anthony Goodman

That was 🔥🔥🔥

Stephan Saunders


Torwächter Háma

I really would love it if we had the view of a QB’s helmet camera during the live broadcast 😀

ironhead Villalobos

There’s only plays from like three games?

zoroth hermon

5:00 one of the cheekiest interceptions. Also, this should be a thing in more stadiums!


Go falcons!

Meek Rodriguez

Amazing video



Tyler Sineath

Can y’all zoom in on the refs eyes being closed for the Pat’s Kansas city game?


    Patriots know all about good camera angles

    Tyler Sineath

    @jsmpsnn heck yah man some of the best shots I’ve seen holding that Lombardi trophy


This technology isn’t really developed enough for novices to be publishing these videos


Eli’s two touchdown throws?

JHenry Music

True View kind sucks when you zoom in. I thought the 4K lens quality would be better

bruce lau

Incoming where’s Kittle’s run comments


Wheres Diontae Johnson’s punt return?

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