Buffalo Bills vs Pittsburgh Steelers Week 15 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Joe Doyle

Steelers! Let’s go!!!

Ryan Irwin- Diehl

Last time these teams played, Bell ran for over 200 yards in the snow


    Singletary this time.

    OsoArrogant 1

    It was 300

    Neubian Sosa

    OsoArrogant 1 he had 300 all purpose yds 236 rushing,

    Leeedy 1

    @FACE OF BEAR not against this defense

    Buffalobills 1990

    Bell is trash now and rex Ryan was running a junk 3-4 defence with a previous 4-3 team

The Way

This should be a good game.

Bills can clinch a playoff spot and the Steelers need to win..

My name is Connor

Gonna be a close game both teams fighting for a playoffs i go steelers 23-17

    Elijah Foringer

    My name is Connor YAH LETS FO PITTSBURGH

    Leeedy 1

    So we win 23-17 2 weeks in a row lol

Lieutenant Nomad

Bills should stomp.


    Lol in pittsburgh? you think you’ll come into primetime against a Mike T team and stomp….STOP IT!!!

    emisoccer •

    Lieutenant Nomad how? Road game against a team that’s about the same record?


I’ll be at this game. At the moment looking like a bunch of snow. I think Steelers pull a close one 16-14.

Derrick M

Juju and Conner will probably be back, if 🦆 can take care of the ball. Steelers 24-13. The atmosphere will be crazy like always on Sunday nights! #herewego

Fabian Ramirez

Bills win 24-10


Bills 17-10


    Ki who knows could go either way

emisoccer •

I don’t know why but I think the Steelers will win 16-24


Allen will be picked but singletary will control the bills offense. Bills 27-20

In CogNito

I guess the Bill’s will once again have to get minimal credit for beating another mediocre team


    In CogNito ikr. We are the most slept on team in the nfl. People don’t give us enough credit


    @Twist who have you guys beat tho easy schedule

wangsta nation

No way they both picked the Steelers?😂

Lucas Carver

Steelers have more on the line so I don’t see Pittsburgh losing

Randy Farley

I’m finally getting to watch this game on SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!! STEELERS ALL THE WAY!!! ((27-17)))

    Justin Is a Beast

    bruh the steelers offense wont score 27 on buffalo stop dreaming baltimore didnt even score 27 and one of their touchdowns was from a fumble by the bills lmao

Curtis 23

Bills 10
Steelers 17

I think the Steelers defense will hold them to 10.

Jerry Junior

I would love to see the Bills lose to the Steelers…but
Bills 23
Steelers 17

Mark Symbala

Pittsburgh 24 B uffaloe 21

Steelersdemon Clips

I think this is going to be a close game but the steelers defense has very many sacks and interceptions I think that will give them the edge
Predicted score: 17-10 Steelers

Derek Johnson

I honestly think it could be a blowout. Steelers win 24 to 6.

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