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BrandonEvans 24

Here’s to another great nfl playoffs week.

Thomas Da Playa

This was the craziest wildcard weekend ever

    mad gamerguy

    Giants Pride just stop.

    Ted Bundy

    @ThanosButthole that means that defenses are doing their jobs

    Skyler Kayne

    @BlueOrBlew did you copy and paste because you couldn’t be this smart

    50k subs with trash vids?

    fr and both 6 seeds won


    Ryan Hill yeah I know but usually high power offenses would still drop a lot of points on them. Unless it was the Steel Curtain or Legion of Boom


my team isn’t even in the playoffs but I feel like we won the super bowl because the Pats lost. So satisfying


    @Victor Allen Jones no


    @Victor Allen Jones no

    Ted Bundy

    All you losers that are ecstatic that the Pat’s lost or just that freaking losers ask your self how does it feel for your team to go to 11 Superbowls ? Oh you can’t because most of your teams haven’t been to one 😂

Keeping It Real

What a great way to start off the playoffs. All of the games were competitive and came down to the wire. I love it.

    Christian Hansen

    Hawkrock24 he is a ravens fan, not eagles

    arfsnm dgn

    @Christian Hansen

    arfsnm dgn


    hector alvarez 77

    Keeping It Real BUFvsHOU actually came down to the refs so

Jonathan K

I understand that Josh Allen rushed for a good 20 yards, but the real good play was Knox pushing the ball out of bounds after Allen’s dumb lateral.


    Dominic Delgado you make no sense that’s like saying go back 5 yards when you walk out of bounds with ball in your hand no he used his head and Knocked it out of Bounds

    Jonathan Rose

    @Jocky Rohnson Well, the point is that they’re all sort of the same “type” of quarterback, big, strong, mobile, strong arm, can extend plays and either throw downfield or scramble. Watson is a more polished version of that, the Bills are hoping Allen will turn into that soon…

    By Any Means Necessary

    @Dominic Delgado you are dumb. Shut up


    Jonathan Rose I don’t blame Allen. That was his first post season game and he did pretty decent

    Jonathan Rose

    @Javiianny I’m not pointing him out for blame. But the bottom line is that they have an elite defense and coach. They need him and the offense to step up if they want to become contenders. Of course, it’s not all on him. They should get him some help on offense.

Jake Scott

Metcalf is probably better than all of the eagle’s wrs


    Dr Freddostein A.J. Brown


    Not even the best wr rookie

    Angel Gutierrez

    All tha wrs are injured so stfu

    Ben Solo

    Ugly Rat Don’t say Hollywood Brown is better than him, it’s not even close


best wildcard weekend ever

    Kevin Berliner


    Ba Doai


    Ba Doai


Noah Lane

1:06 gotta love the double block from Duke Johnson

    hector alvarez 77

    Noah Lane someone said they didnt overturn it cuz hopkins pushed off first

    hector alvarez 77

    Noah Lane yeah hop literally slapped dude in the face lmao hop touched him too much he initiated the contact

    Noah Lane

    @hector alvarez 77 well Hop slapped hard and White (i think) then slapped back softer and then once they passed 5 yards and Hop tried to turn into his route, he was pulled back a bit. Either way, the refs missed count calls. Texans fans know Corrente for screwing games up for them (like that Mexico City game against the Raiders), so I was like, “of course” every time they missed a helmet to helmet on a Texans defender or marked Watson out if bounds 5 yards early or anything like that.

    Noah Lane

    hector alvarez 77 I doubt that’s why. Hopkins got tackled earlier in the year and it wasn’t overturned after a challenge. It just wasn’t a PI and dumb O’Brien decided to challenge it.

    Guilian Rendino

    hector alvarez 77 u don’t know anything about football

Angel Cadena

Watson’s magical OT play is easily #1

    NoeDoom 35


    arfsnm dgn

    @NoeDoom 35


    I’m gonna get flashbacks of that play for years to come

    Angel A

    @BuffaloMafia716 haha I’m sorry man

    Dennis DuFrane

    Ehhh, the two Bill’s players were why he was able to stay up. They knock each other even.
    All except the Seahawks and Eagles were amazing games. So much fun to watch!

THIS IS rubber ducky

Guess Pete Carroll finally learned that you don’t pass the ball at the goal line when you have Marshawn Lynch on your side

    Andrew Putnam

    About damn time


    I think that’s the offensive coordinator not Pete carrol

    The Killer Channel


    football fan

    Well they took a delay of game at the goal line


Don’t deny it, if that lateral worked, and Knox scored, that would’ve been the play of the game.

    arfsnm dgn

    @Mozart 13

    Edwin Olio

    He should have give it to Knox before the tackle.


    Bro I hate when People say could’ve or Would’ve when It didn’t Happen. Like ok it would’ve been fire but it wasn’t and it was a bad mistake on his ends

    By Any Means Necessary

    @Mozart 13 it didn’t happen. Get over it


    KING CHRIS well yeah there’s no denying that was the riskiest/stupidest play Josh Allen has tried, but the payoff to its low probability of success would’ve been sweet.

Rub Tub707

My Fav part is when the Patriots threw an interception in the final 1o sec

    Mark Mark

    as a seahawks fan who watched the pats intercept my boys and win a super bowl, i say WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND 😄😄

    Ba Doai


    Hai Voai


    Matthew Holloway

    First thoughts when I saw it was LMAO.. U CANT RETIRE NOW. 🤣😂

Anthony Grizzly

The best wildcard weekend since I can remember. Every single analyst was DEAD wrong and it’s so sweet.

    Ba Doai


    Insidious Kid21

    Anthony Grizzly IKR I thought pats and saints would win I went 2-2 so far

    Alien Gamer77

    @Insidious Kid21 Same

    L R

    I predicted all except the bills losing.

Chris Kreager

Bill O’Brien owes his job to DeShaun. Imagine Watson with a coaching upgrade

    Ted Bundy

    @RJPompa Dan’s a good coach stop it

    Angel Cadena

    @RJPompa Watson isn’t a fake person to anyone idiot. Just shut up plz n don’t tall bout people’s character thinking u know them when u clearly don’t.

    D 21

    Angel Cadena it’s not a question of his character. Why would a quarterback ever go out and say he doesn’t like his head coach? You don’t know that he does

    Blitz 745

    @D 21 why does he even say it at all then you know he can choose to keep his mouth shut hell i even saw him hug him once

3rd Coast Sports TV

Deshaun has to rise above O’Brien’s coaching ability once again and prove he’s great

De Stressfrlyf

They missed the play when Mr Marshawn threw the defender off of him

Micheal Hobbs

I can still hear the Pat’s complaining about the Titans using the clock against them. “They can’t abuse the rules to their advantage only we can do that!”

    arfsnm dgn

    @Whi te

    arfsnm dgn

    @Big Ball Of Sunshine

    Mark Mark


    Big Ball Of Sunshine

    @arfsnm dgn no thanks bro

    Dennis DuFrane

    I’ve never seen a team do that. Was very wierd/interesting/cool.

Joshua Muench

I think Bills-Texans was the best game.

    The Killer Channel

    Naw saints vikings for sure

qazwsxedc rfvtgbyhnujmikolp

watson’s sack evasion in ot was easily the best play IMO


    qazwsxedc rfvtgbyhnujmikolp idk for a ab to push Defenders 5+ yards into the End zone was arguable too

Chris McKee

Cousins finally coming in clutch when his team needed him to. Could be the start of something special.

    Dennis DuFrane

    The vikings are like the Red Sox of old. They are cursed.

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