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He ain’t retiring

    Ryan Flanagan



    Henry Vlogs as a Pats fan I want bill to stay and Tom to leave

    Nathan Chertog

    The mans a free agent and will eventually retire after no one wants him


    Peyton Manning Said The Same Thing After Superbowl 50 he retired Shortly there after Options are few for a 43 Year Old FA

    Martin Aguilar

    He should, save some dignity.

Kyle Watson


Big Blue Squad

”Jones won’t be there when we are on the clock but I sure hope he drops”

-Bill Belichick to David Cutcliffe

Imagine Jones being Coached by Cut then Coached by Bill. Please come back home Bill Belichick.

    Ryan Flanagan


    Luis Chauca

    Belichick will likely have a poor run if he joins the Giants.

    C Dot

    Big Blue Squad Yeah that would be great for Jones & NY. Bill did contribute to the first 2 titles.

    Luis Chauca

    C Dot Bill had GOAT Brady to get 6 rings in NE and GOAT Lawrence Taylor to get the two in NY. No way he’s doing anything if he comes back to NY

    C Will

    Big Blue Squad I’m down with it. Better then a unproven coach in Rhule

John Quach

Good breakdown. Brady looked really off this game

    Hassan Houmani

    John Quach yet you missed the entire point of the video where he made it clear that the receivers’ lack of coverage awareness, inability to create separation, and drops were the reason the offense wasn’t able to succeed. Brady literally had one off target throw all game which was the one on third down to Dorsett in which he dropped.

    Gunman 2177

    Brady looked of this game what game were you watch he played well and the garbage time pick wasn’t on him bounced out the receivers hand

    That Guy Donny

    Hassan Houmani I think you forgot to add how he breaks down how the entirety of the offense from the offensive line missing blocks to Brady’s change of play calling at the line of scrimmage is the reason the pats lost. The pats lost because of a lot of things not just because of their receiving core. Baldy even brings up how 3rd and 1 would be an instant conversion with a qb sneak, and now Tom avoids it like it’s the plague. The receiving core isn’t the best but this is a 12-5 team playing like it’s their first game together. The defense even gives the patriots offense short field advantage with a pick off tannehill and they couldn’t get the job done, it’s the entirety of the offense.

Ben Moon

The caption is true

Ben Moon

People were saying that playoff Tom is better.

He is literally playing the same as in the regular season.


    @Dylan Wu Edelman will liikely Move QB if Brady Leave he is better in That Position thann WR

    Dylan Wu

    @KalKenobi83 r u sure? edelmen is a good qb, but they may need him at wide receiver. if brady leaves they probobly will draft another qb. i mean, i guess he could yeah i could see that happening, but who will his options be if he was QB? hes the only good wide receiver besides dorsett and even he cant get open sometimes


    like 40% of the teams in the gutter. Trying to find a good QB.

    Dylan Wu

    @Omgdannie2 not new england.
    i think jets, chargers, bengals, colts, jaguars, redskins, giants, lions, and bucs are the teams that are trying to get good qbs

Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500

the Patriots Won the Super Bowl last year

they’re coming off a 12 win season. I don’t know what the crying is about


    12 Wins means nothing in The Post-Season Also 12 of Those Wins were from The Pats Steller defense not The Pats O
    and Edelman is an Average WR at best

    Husky ViolentChanclas

    @Kalim Maybe even 9-7


    Yeah i dont know what all the fuss is about
    plenty people would give left nut to be in three superbowls in three years


    @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 No dude, the schedule is on an eight year cycle. Getting an easy schedule is pure luck.


Is Baldy recording this on the toilet?


    YEP get this fool some microphones and soundproofing

    Is This Rain?

    A shitty microphone is basically Baldy’s trademark at this point.

    Mohit Kalro

    He’s actually in England. He was part of the Sky Sports coverage of Wild Card weekend. It’s probably a camera phone directed at a tv screen/laptop on short notice. I saw the broadcast, it was actually cool to have him there, breaking down and explain the plays for the British audience. He’s truly got some serious analytical skills in terms of play/strategy breakdowns.

    Gjr Hatz

    Evan Winslow I’m taking a sheet as we speak, so


I’m not watching greatness, rather it’s more like mediocrity.

Andrew Scocozza

Dolphins: Ladies and gentlemen, we gottem


    Yeah there’s a couple teams that are celebrating this 😂

    Gjr Hatz

    Dolphins man, they did it…

    Really screwed the Pats

    I told everyone , money line it against the pats this week


” but skip if Tom that guy he’s should over overcome that!!!”
Shannon Sharpe

Disgusting Gravy

When you squad up on fortnite and the random has a potato mic.

Trexi T.V

Most of the patriots player are getting old and not as good along with Tom Brady


The Patriots didn’t have enough practice footage on Tennessee.

    Steve G

    Lombardi himself filmed, nitwit

    Sphere Gaming

    Can’t handle the truth Steve?


    @Steve G “he did it so it makes it okay” 😂

Stephen A. Smith

NFL: A Multi billion dollar league
Also NFL: Gives Baldy an Xbox 360 mic

    Jose Garza

    Stephen A. Smith and plays crappy music over him the whole time.

Spider Panther

Tannehill pulled an Iron man and snapped Brady out of existence.


The NFL is a multi-billion dollar enterprise with over 5 million subs and hundreds of editors working on their Uploads. But here’s Baldy with his Laptop microphone and 360p quality videos.

    Ryan Randone

    MrSquaky lmfao

Todd P

The Titans victory over the Patriots will put an end to a long run of…

…of Coach Bellycheeks watching opponents’ video footage of their practices.


Brian “I’ll be dammed if I can’t find a crappier mic” Baldinger

Leo Jones

Tom Brady finally getting exposed without a good offence

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