Top Plays from Saturday Games | Patriots Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Top Plays from Saturday Games | Patriots Highlights

Before the Patriots matchup against the Bills on Saturday, take a look back at some highlights from their previous Saturday games.

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Omni-King Buu aka Fred Blade



27-10 Pats win. Come back to me when it happens…

Felix Larios


Baby Yoda

Let’s go pats!!!!!!

therion s

GO PATS!!!!!!


Very good quality in my Tom Brady jersey ty

BIG Daddy

Yeah cool…Back when Brady actually threw the ball *TO* the guy …and made plays ….good times …memories.


    Tom Brady is the least of our problems ya dunce

    BIG Daddy

    @JDR Sure meatwhistle…Brady’s been great…try watching *this* year’s games you pathetic mooseknuckle.


    BIG Daddy Change your profile pic you fake fan fart face Tom Brady has the weakest supporting cast in YEARS and out receievers lead the league in drops despite all that he’s still making it work wake up and smell the cheesecake picklehead

    BIG Daddy

    ​@JDR Dude shut your ignorant face.The Brady excuses are wearing fucking THIN but keep making ’em until you’re watching another AFC team in this year’s Super Bowl. *MOST* of the reason the Pats suck this year *IS* Brady …watch the damn games SEE how much of an inaccurate,yellow,coward pnssy he is.QB’s can’t make plays throwing themselves on their back before the rush is even there or throwing it into the ground or 20 yards out of bounds.Brady has sucked….accept it.IIII wish it were different too.

Calvin Nelms

Go paattsss

Emerlita Punsalan

Go pats..! I have been a patriots fan since 2011 it was my friend bday and we were watching Superbowl againts Giants.. I have zero knowledge about football but at that moment i fell in love with this team and understand the game.. Brady is my # favorite.. It Makes me more deeply interested and love this team the way how they work together as a team, it’s very humble and discipline.. Praying for your win tomorrow!. Love from 🇵🇭 philippines


so good!

God Emperor Pepe

Don’t mind me, just a Bills Fan viewing some tape.

Nara Ton

Game day tomorrow;-) #LFG

Pats Fan

Did Tom Brady actually catch a ball

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