Patriots Prep for Week 16 vs. Bills | All Access – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Patriots Prep for Week 16 vs. Bills | All Access

In this edition of Patriots All Access presented by GEICO, get into the holiday spirit as Devin McCourty and many of the teammates participate in Gifts from the Gridiron, the annual holiday shopping event for kids in need hosted by the Patriots Foundation. Plus, Steve Burton sits down with Stephon Gilmore and Bill Belichick previews the Bills on the Belestrator. All that and more on this episode of All Access.

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jj Tripp

First lets go patriots

    Douglas Sirk

    i’m with you jj

Kelly S.

Let’s go boys. Do your job. Go pats


Go Pats championship week

arizbeth yamil alvarez hernandez

Siempre con ustedes 💪❤️

Douglas Sirk

omg is Brady growing his hair out again. PLEEEEEASE do it it is so hot

    Thanos Etsitty

    WTH? 🤣

    John Williams

    Tom tore his ACL last time his hair was long I hope he doesn’t

    Douglas Sirk

    @John Williams you mean I will never get to see the his flowing mane of hair again? thats not fair

therion s

GO PATS!!!!!!!

Shawn Sanders


Rhys Purdy

Patriots are my favourite team

Andrew Nordquist

LFG. this is the game to prove the last few weeks of lackluster offense was just a reset going into closing the season and going into the playoffs. #7rings

    John Williams

    IMA Pat’s fan but because we don’t have any decent TE edleman is on one leg still getting double covered an Muhammad (can’t get open Sanu) ain’t helping I think we have to play like the 2000 Ravens to win the chip

Neithen Cruz

My man n’keal about to go off

    John Williams

    @Cam Thompkins but since your disagreeing so much Witch receiver is he similar to build wise because ain’t too many elite recivers 6’4 weighing 230 Calvin Johnson was like 240-245 with monster leaping ability when I see nkeal I see a potential TO type of player great route running,big hands, explosive an pretty strong nkeal has all those things as a raw rookie but it will take hard work to be great as TO

    Cam Thompkins

    @John Williams I’m jus not seeing it at all I could’ve thought 50 receivers he reminded me of before TO

    John Williams

    @Cam Thompkins the fact that you can’t name them lets me know your football IQ isn’t good as mines he’s a raw rookie you have to see he’s potential until he hones his skills

Thanos Etsitty

Somehow it feels like this team is gonna figure something out in the playoffs. Somehow they’re gonna make it back to the AFC championship game.

Alton Jay


Kurt Kokayne

To me the playoffs start this Saturday… everybody is counting us out because of the offense…. the offense doesn’t have to be the team they’ve been most of the decade… we have a squad full of goons who know how to win football games…. we can win games in so many different ways & that’s what makes us a nightmare for the afc playoffs. The playoff run starts tomorrow LFG Pats nation!!!! Let’s start a new Gillette win streak 👊🏼

Cam Thompkins

Getting up at 5am to catch this game. Can’t wait 😎

Scott L

27:14……. How cool is this guy? Nice job

The Dynasty Continues

Patriots arent losing to the Bills at home. Gonna be a rout. T shirt and hat day for the Pats.

Matthew Rogers

Gilmore MVP


Cheat to win

    Sloppy Jalopys

    Thankyou I can’t figure out y they keep letting these CHEATERS win superbowls it’s crazy to me

    Wayne Ford

    Yes, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Enjoy all that salt, lol

Sloppy Jalopys

Ok Pat’s lets go did we memorise buffalo’s play book yet if not just fix the balls

Josh Maine

All footage brought to you by the Patriots video department… who wasn’t clear about the rules after breaking them again…

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