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    Hahahahaha The announcer said it

    Silent Crow



    JOSHUA CARPENTER but he a bum

    Bdcjr gaming

    @Mario how is he a bum

    Bdcjr gaming

    @Mario tell me please

Maxim Julien. M.J

The second one was crazy

    Maxim Julien. M.J


nfl_jukes_news !

Derrick Henry : leads nfl in rush yards

Madden 20:You can’t even be a superstar or x-factor

    Matt Miles

    The disrespect is real!

    jay scribbs

    It’s a video game. Don’t take it so personal

    Isaac Brown

    Aaron Jones 19 TDS and over 1000 yard rushing

    Wow Madden just wow…

    Scott Walters

    Edit player. Fixed.

    Ba Doai

    Yes p


“Get off me he says…”



    Uzumaki Nagato

    “To Tracy Porter.”

    Ba Doai

    Yes i

    Alex Campa

    “why should i” is what I say

yaboi Kenny

When you want to add all of lamar Jackson’s juke moves but you can’t

I eat Mud

8:47 that’s my backup


is there even 1 derrick Henry stiffarm? he’s had PLENTY to not be on this

    Jacob Bastian

    and dalvin cook


    As well as Sammy Watkins in week 1 and week 11 and Patrick Mahomes in week 15 I swear the NFL YouTube channel hates the Chiefs


    No Henry on this video and no A.J. Brown on the top catches video. Titans players got snubbed in these best of videos.

CyleXX_ SnakezZ

NFL: Highlights of ALL Players

Lamar Jackson: I don’t think so

Fat Guy Karate

Ahhh, Dalvin Cook?

    Handful of Baby Carrots

    It sucked be got hurt, but at least he’s coming into the playoffs with a full head of steam

    Alekseyev Hammurabi

    For real. Or at least Mattison’s 7 yard hurdle. They put in Lynch’s even though that was even that good of a play

Domo Skywalker

That Vernon Davis TD should be play of the year frfr💯

    Goat Cheese

    Domo Skywalker it’s so underrated he literally jumped over a man and still ran for the td, he’s just not looked at cuz he’s on the Redskins

    Domo Skywalker

    @Goat Cheese yea it most definitely is underrated especially knowing he did that because his grandfather passed a couple days before the game

    hector alvarez 77

    Domo Skywalker first senior citizen to hurdle for a td

    Ruben Krishna

    That was the 1 good play my team had but it reminds me we blew a 17-0 lead vs the eagles

Robby Taylor

Why didnt they have the stiff arm from the 49ers fullback where he tossed the safety from the steelers and made him do a flip

    Obasi Okoronkwo


    Victor Castano

    Was wondering the same thing

Derek Ayers

Wow you’d think the Bengals were actually good this year after watching this video

    The Fuzzy Pickle

    Not really, the W-L is right on the bottom next to the name lol

Paul-Michael Vincent

Worst tackling in 2019 would be a more accurate title.

Josh Guiomar

Should’ve shown Kyle Juice’s Stiff arm on minkah Fitzpatrick

SH 95

Panthers playbook: McCaffrey


3:53 “Ohhhhh, he broke his ankles!!!”
Never gets old

I’m a bengals fan……..

    That Guy

    Ash_Supreme That spin was so smooth man.


    I know it was Lamar is a different breed


    Ha ha I’m a ravens fan it never gets old
    Better luck next tragedy Bengals

    Ba Doai

    Yes a

Kameron Hill

Trequan Smith: “I’m boutta win is the game with that spin move!”

George Kittle: “Hold my stiff arm”

    SSM Creations


    George Kittle: “Grab my facemask”

Evgenij Pavlenko

5:41 by far my favorite, throws Matt Ryan like he’s a kid

Rae’Quan Morgan

I guess I finally got sort of a *“Top Runs”* video

Sort of

Laz Crunk

5:37 stiff-arming a QB never looked so effortless 😅😆😭

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