NFL Week 17 Mic’d Up, “Just for the record that was the slowest spin ever” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Andres Quiroz

Who else is hyped for the playoffs

    xMaxBlackout YaDig

    GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!! (My Hometown Team)

    Ryan Johnson

    Ur mama is hyped

    Vinny Torcasio

    Andres Quiroz let’s go Buffalo !!



    topshotta 15


Sports 311

Derrick Henry is the new Monster of Running Backs this year

    Pure Aries 0419

    He been a monster

    J Nic

    Sports 311 he chose the right career

    Steve Forsythe

    It almost looks as if he’s running in slow motion, but he’s so big and has such long strides. The guy’s a monster. Cornerstone of the Titans offense.

    Joe Father

    Sports 311 they finally figured out how to use him

Lemon Kid

7:03 for slowest spin ever 😂


    Also 20:01 lol. Thought this was what the title was referring to before I even watched it


    @Kaden GET OFF OUR 🍆

    Carroza 2309

    It’s a instagram comment he said his WiFi went out 😂


these are the most satisfying videos on youtube


    Makes you feel like you’re down there in the thick of things.


Seahawks just have this thing for the one yard line

    Not a Channel

    Anakin Skywalker I right go Ohio st.


    @Wutzmyname Mike there was a pass interference that wasn’t called. we’ll see wassup round 2

    Aidan Oliver

    Ever notice how annoying 49er fans are? They get beat every other time but when they barely win they wanna get cocky, it doesnt add up

    Trent Oden

    Should of been pass interferences and then ran it with Lynch and won the game

Brot kann schimmeln

How the eagles will win:

Score 1 time

Give Scott the ball

He spins

Game over

    Alike Cooper


    Ron Burgundy

    its gonna be war, hawks dont give up easy but the eagle must conquer and cross the delaware for FREEDOM and ADRIAN

    Ron Burgundy

    cox and graham are weapons forged in a neutronstar


    @American Sports Fan
    Can’t a man just accidently confuse his ballet recital with his NFL game with everything on the line in peace?

    American Sports Fan


    *visible confusion*

Arvin Senthilnathan

Garrett when he heard the eagles gonna win…

    a b

    Oh no no no😂

    Ba Doai


    Sammy Mohamed

    I won’t lie, I felt bad for him in that moment. He didn’t even have to say anything you could just read that he was crushed.

    Eric Holmes

    Wren lmaooooooo


Redskin: “they gotta earn it.”
Proceeds to get blown out.

    Timmy Dino

    PANDA you still went 3-13

    Brenden McGuinness

    LostAssassin221 I guess the cowboys earned it 🤣

    JTrillZ BooFed

    LostAssassin221 Cowboys still ain’t in the playoffs 🤣🤣

    Jose Diaz asmr

    LostAssassin221 😂

Brenden McGuinness

ChOoSe YoUr ChArAcTeR!

Seahawks: Strengths:Offense
Weaknesses: the one yard line

    Brenden McGuinness

    Colin .H I bet 😂

    Wutzmyname Mike

    @michael Adyniec He’s a short yardage back. 6 yards on a short field against a defense that help him to minimal yardage the entire night, is too much to ask for even from him. Pete made the right call.

    Ducky Bowl

    Not even creative anymore. Yea we fail at the 1 yard line but this time it wasn’t the yard line that screwed us. If our TE was a little smart here he would’ve shifted the ball to his left hand and that would’ve been in. Instead he kept it to his right arm and fell short.

    Brenden McGuinness

    Ducky Bowl Ih Thats cool and all, but it’s a joke. Jesus Christ.


The ending of the 100th year was perfect.

    RIP JF 16

    ya with a PI? great way to end the regular season

    Kendrick Mott

    @Jason Walsh refs are to blame this whole season. The Titans shouldnt even be in the playoffs. The refs screwed the Buccs of a win over the Titans and the refs screwed the Raiders out of a win over Jacksonville and Denver.


    @ORF_AV8TOR It’s not illegal to push off a receiver when he bumps into you. nice try though. im always here for ya


    Not really

    Kendrick Mott

    @Sol I have no bias in this and about 80% of people will agree with me when I say that it was a PI. The receiver ran right up to the defender and tried to get into open space by shifting to the side. However, your defender held him and prevented him from moving. A CLEAR PI call on replay.

Garrett Nasim

The cowboys players dont even wanna look at Jason Garrett😂

    Adam Bower

    Saw that. Pretty funny.


    Dude… They hated him 😂😂😂

    Ba Doai

    Yes a

Pedro Rodriguez III

Derek Henry’s mother was an Amazonian and his father was a Viking, tell me I’m wrong.


    @cavaleer Lol yea he is and if you wanna go further he is a human, just thinking bout mythical places he could be from. Hell he could be a MonStar from spacejam who cares

    Jihad Abu Umar

    Megatron ll

    Ron Burgundy

    cox, kelce and graham are doomsday weapons forged in a neutronstar. thunder trembles the stadium when they bang and detonate. bring the warrior code. hawks fight good but the eagle will cross the delaware for LIBERTY AND ADRIAN MF. LET EM BANG!

    Baltimore, Maryland Bird Teams own the NFL

    Nah something better



    You’re wrong.

    (Waiting for something to happen….)

Tru Gibblez

Seahawks: “okay we’re on the one yard line we’ll give it to Marshawn”
Delay of game: “I’m about to end this mans whole career”

Nahshon Devose

2:57 Amari like “why is this clown still our coach”😂

    Cam Moore

    Swear dat man wanna have energy when it’s too late trynna hype up the squad now💀


    Coach:”why is Amari so trash against good Ds and in clutch time?”

Jonathan Greaser

7:36 if you want to see a man’s soul leave his body in real time

    Baltimore, Maryland Bird Teams own the NFL

    He didn’t even reply. 😂😂😂😆😆

Cesar Medina

“We probably gnna end up playing these fools again” had me dying 😂

    Ducky Bowl

    Nateyad ion wanna hear it, niners season started at week 10 when you first faced us. Now move on cause you’re probably gonna have to play either the Vikings or the saints and if a upset happens Ima be laughing at all y’all. This season was a scrap season for Seattle we are getting metcalf fired up and next season we get our 2 TE’s back.

    Ducky Bowl

    Nateyad and who are you to say that game Seattle wasn’t also depleted? We haven’t had 2 TE’s for a year. The Te we have now is our last one, we needed the round by because Kendrick’s is out, diggs is out, 2 big stars to our defense. But god forbid you’re missing 1 guy who is jimmys panic route and you guys are “depleted” stfu.


    @Ducky Bowl Lol I’m not going to sit here and argue with you brainless Seahawk fans, hope you are real impressed with beating the Rams and Vikings, just great teams. I mean you just called Mychal Kendricks a star. Comparing him to George Kittle, a guy the offense runs through.

    Jaydub 27

    @vvenrooij except the Hawks losing to the Niners headass

    Deez Nutz

    lol minnesota anyone…? Yeah even I don’t have hope

Kevin Paul

“we coulda took a TV break came back youd still be spinning” 😂 love duce staley

Doug Zooth

“Do what I’m telling you to do until you gain the knowledge to do what you want to do” 😂

    geene smith

    Thats a good line

Ben Ingram

2:21 “Throw it away throw it away!” Proceeds to throw TD.


    Ben Ingram Abe could’ve been saying throw it away to someone. Or he could be saying throw it out of bounds. The only reason he said that is cause there was pressure. He can’t tell time


    Exactly why he’s average. Ever time he thinks, “Remember that one time you told me to throw it away and I gotta TD instead?” Everyone else, “Remember those 4 times we told you to throw it away and you fumbled it instead?”

Nochange Beatz

Jimmy G: “Gotta shine bright till the night time right, a wise man once told me that” …ladies & gentleman that wise man was Mr. Tom Brady

    johnvia lutui


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