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Cool kids In casa

I am here when it has no views

MinTer 74

Shouldn’t interceptions count also

    Sydney Kenney

    All you would see is Winston throwing. 😂

    Sydney Kenney

    Ninja Warrior I ain’t clicking on that link could be a scam

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Sydney Kenney I always click on them just to dislike

SalmonWolf 36

I’m so early their is no good comments


Why do my panthers always have to lose 8 games in a row every year 😭😭


    @lil 3rey who? BTW, 42-10.




    @lil 3rey do u mean tre boston?

    lil 3rey

    @therealsamuelstubbs yeah he’s signing to us for a half of season for 3 milllion

    Thomas Long

    because there aren’t a lot of star players on the team.

Spike Films

Top catches of the whole decade?

Jonathan King

Lockett’s catch in the back of the end zone legit might be the best catch of the season..

    Jaceistheplace- Gaming

    Yep, it is, that’s my screen saver

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Not best catch, but definitely the best throw

    Hotshot 14380

    What’s wrong with buck? How else did you want him to call that play?


These catches are fire🔥

Alpa Patel

Bro I’m here with one dislike and shame on that one person.

Jose Paz

It’s kind of hard to appreciate the Dolphins catch when they’re down 28-0 😕

    Barrett Bryan

    try being a chiefs fan, then you’ll appreciate the dolphins 🙂

    Jose Paz

    Invoke I hate the Ravens


davante parker is so underrated

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    I’m surprised the dolphins didnt trade him away

    Josh Guiomar

    bigChrisABeast he is but only because he’s on the dolphins

    Josh Guiomar

    Larry Legend is a GOAT I know they could’ve easily got another first round pick for him


    Josh Guiomar nah bro he’s nice do not sleep

Nico Velasquez

1:58 them dolphins uniforms tho🔥

    MA Wrks

    Too bad they still suck


    Yeah, they look great. Imagine if they also brought back the old logo.

    Hugh Jass

    Not even a dolphins fan, but they are fire

    Big Daddy

    Nico Velasquez them dolphins team tho🗑

Brandon Vickers

Who realized when something amazing happens joe buck really doesn’t care

    Charles Urban

    We realized that when the Helmet Catch happened back in Super Bowl 42.

    Brandon Vickers

    Charles Urban and on Derrick Henry 99 yard run and on lockets catch on Thursday night

Daniel Hyer

When you’re a titans fan and realize there have been no titans catches in this vid…

    Justin Dugan

    Brooooooooo I came down here just to comment this.

    Brandon Vickers

    Daniel Hyer where’s aj brown catch vs the texans

    Brandon Vickers

    They forgot aj brown catch in week 1

    Thomas Long

    there are no 49ers either.

    Josh Guiomar

    Same I’m a Niner fan

JBTEsquire the Seventh

Where’s A J Brown’s catch against the Texans?

Dexters Pops

Missed the Wentz throw to Sanders in the back of the end zone against the Redskins but I enjoyed this video 🔥

Andreas Sætermo

wow not a single Rams positive moment this year…..

Sports 311

Tyler Lockett with the catch of the year, imo


I haven’t watched yet but I know Gallup’s catch against Detroit is in here

Yep it was


Finally they put my man terry mclaurin highlights in for the past 3 post they robbed my mans for them amazing plays he made dis season

Isaac Tran

Do best interceptions of the 2019 season

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