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9:02 Wilson TD Catch


Last time I was this early, Antonio Brown was still in the NFL

Chris Gibson

What I’ve learned about this video is JJ Whatt can do everything

    Yung Heath Ledger

    Except staying healthy

    Prick Gastly

    So can Dontari Poe, apparently


The biggest thing from this video, is seeing how much the score line on the screens have changed on tv since 2010

    Allen İverson

    @Marshawn’s Skittles

    YungPackerboii ESPN HIRE ME

    Yeah Fox is trash, cbs improved and so did NBC. Espn is always solid.

    FaKe x SniiPes

    The ones from 2010-2014 were the best

A Fucking Bird

7:47 Brady can actually catch!

    dat boi

    @Jeremy Stig yeah, that’s how the QBs supposed to throw it..

    michael harn

    Fun fact this is the play that the eagles ripped off also the other teams that did the same thing pats were the first

    Jeremy Stig

    @dat boi I know. Im just saying, that one was not hard to catch at all haha.


    he dropped where it mattered the most


4:53 how the hell did that work 😂😂😂

    2k19 Trolls

    Lets Go before the play punter tells teammates go

    Officer Shredd

    Seahawks did the same


    They watched a lot of tape, figured out the punter’s tendencies, and knew he would kick it to that side. That’s the only way you can run something like that.


I like the trick play in 2019, where AB acted like he was gonna play and then sat out the entire year

    Arhan Atre


    Willliam Hinshaw

    Antonio Brown

    Officer Shredd



3:09 Pat McAfee’s dream, thanks a lot Troy

    Marco Martinez

    Phillip Lmao

    Allen İverson

    @Marco Martinez

    Bob Ratchett

    He lined up in the c gap!

    Officer Shredd


Ghost_JoKeR _504

11:51 The Philly Special

    Boston Kingfisher

    Drew2400 Patriots ran the play back in December of 2015. Eagle used the exact same play in 2018 Superbowl 52.


    @Boston Kingfisher the play has been done by many, doing it on 4th down in the Superbowl is what makes it unique.


    @Boston Kingfisher and multiple teams did it before 2015 😑

    Boston Kingfisher

    Drew2400 all you have to do and show us one other team who ran the exact same play


The browns best plays have came through special teams. Lol

Ethan Goldberger

17:30 is when your a coach that’s so bored of losing that you decide to do a crazy trick play for people to watch.

Dan Wybrow

Came for Peyton’s run against Dallas, stayed for McAfee’s self-recovered onside kick. #ForTheBrand

    BroncosBailey ‘99

    Dan Wybrow True GOAT PM18


Pat McAfee is the best player in this highlight reel.

x CrusaderOfHope

2:00 Rip he really just tripped on his teammate 😂


    The fact it was a patriots player made it way more funny


*First trick plays we could find over the past couple years.


0:32 the Browns highlight of the decade 😂


7:10 what’s that guy in the background doing? 😂

Chris Longley Tx

Tom Brady is even on here! Going into his 4th Decade and still in the playoffs! Nice 👍👏👏


3:51 if Russell Wilson would’ve done this… my Niners would be the 5 seed. 😅 Im glad they spiked the ball and took their sweet time😂🤣

SedaW LoL

4:41 I’ve never seen that before, that’s genius

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