Top 5 Moments in the Coliseum – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Andrew Liu

Jared “it was fun” Goff


Go Rams

Master Qui Gon Joe Rodriguez

This was nice stroll through memory lane with our Los Angeles Rams. We are now 5 generations of being Los Angeles Rams fans dating back to 1946. It’s nice to relive such an amazing games. Well done Rams!

J. P

Salina bro you need to chill


    Lol i was wondering what u meant till i Saw it😳😳….😂🤣😂🤣👻

    Penguin Jones


franklin gomez

Each year, more fans attend the game. One day it will be filled with 95% rams fan


    a man can dream… hopefully when we bring a couple Lombardi’s there will be more Rams fans

Henry Ford

I like to think that in 2017 the Wild Card game against the Falcons is a memorable moment. Pretty sure because we lost it gets past but I remember all of 2017 the Coliseum still the fans weren’t showing up. But when the playoffs came for the first time in a long time at the Coliseum, I remember watching how many people showed up and how loud they would cheer for the Rams. And even though we lost, I remember being happy and excited about the future.

Alberto Welch

The rams will be back next season


we should’ve gotten deeper in playoffs in 2017… but we didn’t have the XP )):

Tech Gaming

Rams rule

Heso Melo

Let’s make history in Sofi Stadium

Jonathan Tran

Love it Go RAMS!!



Wolfskull108 the general

I still think we should have kept CJ

    Tyler McDuffie

    I loved CJ but Henderson is something really special we need to get that kid more involved

    Wolfskull108 the general

    @Tyler McDuffie we could have gotten rid of Gurley

    Tyler McDuffie

    @Wolfskull108 the general No we couldn’t too much dead money that outweighs the freed cap 2021 we could get rid of him if we do choose to do so.

young K3vin

Where is cj?

    Your typical Lunatic

    I think he’s on the Lions


Inglewood rams. Let’s get it poppin next year 💯💯💯💯💯 we got it

Cole De La Cruz

I watched this at the coliseum for their last game there

Make The Lakers Great Again

Rams vs chiefs game was my favorite game by far! The coliseum was rocking !

Max Rios

I was never a football fan until the Rams came back to the stadium and I had a team too root behind. I am very proud of what this team did in a short amount of time shows real improvement. This year is a small setback for a major comeback GO RAMS!



Corona light

Can’t wait for Sofi!!!!

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