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T Price

Man I’m so excited like foreal

James Burrow

Panthers video team has gotten better every year

    dixie normus

    To bad ther mobile app is terrible

    Ray Cordova

    @The InvictusSamaritan it definitely wasn’t like this when Jerry Richardson was owner lol

    Ray Cordova

    @Johnny Rocker ya mad

    Ray Cordova

    @Johnny Rocker ya got a small pp

SadPanthersFan 1


Disciple O'christ

Welcome home coach

Aaron Truelove-Chalakee

Love that they used Pat McAfee’s announcement

    Daniel Ordonez

    For the brand man lol.

    Mike Sarris

    That’s a good sign!

Aaron Dillard

Daaaang this dude was loaded before Tepper threw $60 mil at him


    @Jerrick Cole I was surprised at that fact. I thought Bob Craft the Pats owner would have been the wealthiest being he owns the Kraft company

    James Woodley

    That show you that NFL is rig….. because college coach get paid more than NFL… but I think Tepper has raise the market on college coaches… something different. Did you hear when he gave Will Grier props… for putting 60 on them. Tepper had this plan the hold time.

    Jason Lewis

    Waco area is an inexpensive place to live. You can get for $350-500,000 what would cost around a million in some places like Dallas. I moved from that area to Dallas so I’ve got a good perspective.

    John M

    @Jason Lewis I mean that house is gorgeous I imagine it cost a whole lot. I’m 20 so I don’t really keep up with that though 😂

Anubis Islaam

Yessir welcome coach!

Mr Clean

Kinda nervous about a college coach taking the reins with virtually zero NFL experience, but I’m cautiously optimistic

    Mr Clean

    @Derek Young College coaches with no NFL experience have a terrible track record. Saban is hailed as the best coach in the NCAA and he was an absolute bust in the NFL. Bobby Petrino sucked. Steve Spurrier was super underwhelming. Greg Schiano. June Jones. I could go on and on

    Mr T

    No lie a few weeks ago this guy told me we should get a college style coach to be our next coach cause our offense reminded him of college type players…

    Clay Edwards

    I’m pretty sure “Football” experience has to mean something. I mean, people can say what they want, but this guy is a Football coach. Not nervous about this hire whatsoever. Some guys wouldn’t translate very well to the NFL, and that’s your Nick Sabens, Dabo Sweeneys, just guys that can recruit. Dabo is a motivator, but this guy is on the next level up from that.

    Team Fish

    A coach is a delegator. Rhule will only be as good as the people with whom he surrounds himself. Against all odds, I think there’s something special about him. Tepper sure thought so. And we know what kind of keen business sense he has.

David S

I’m so excited! Hope all the Hype is REAL? Keep Pounding!!

    Finlay Booth

    David S It definitely is. I’m a baylor guy and y’all will fall in love with Matt Rhule. The best!

    Glow Worm

    Finlay Booth i only know him from his interviews on the pat macafee show, but he seems to be the real deal from a leadership standpoint. Hope he’s got the X&Os down too. Seems like a positive guy with real enthusiasm and confidence. He definitely turned Baylor around fast and that program was way down after scandal. Hope his positive attitude is as contagious as it seems.


wishing him nothing but a lot of success in the future, from a seahawk fan.


    Thank you cheese. Hopefully Cam Newton can get back to 100% fit, then we’ll start making good progress with the new coach.


    Same here! From an Arizona Cardinals fan!


He has a baby black panther!!!! 😍😍


Man I’m hyped up. Can’t wait to see more of this dude in these videos!

Javier Fernandez

welp, Dallas just lost a fan! Carolina Panthers I’m proud to say you are my team!! I’m sure I’m not the only one.
“How Bout Them Panthers”


    I have been a fan since I saw the SB in 2003 when we lost 32-29 lmao

    God Of Blackness

    Check out KEEPPOUNDING_TV on YouTube.. The Best Late Night Livestream Show in ALL of #PanthersNation

    Jerrick Cole

    🤝😁Welcome onboard, sir. Welcome to the KEEP POUNDING nation!🤝😁


    If u gonna be a Panther fan! Stay with it n sport that BLK and blue on Sunday!!
    #keeppounding #iceupson

    Team Fish

    You’re welcome here Javier. I was a Cowboys fan before we got a team. Everybody pulled for someone else back then. But this is the only NFL team privileged enough to play in the Carolinas! Keep Pounding! CP4L!!

ben osowski

Im really excited for this team and its future.


    ben osowski KEEP POUNDING 😎

Jake Potter

Excited. Nervous. Optimistic. Love the energy, Lord knows we need it. Tepper didn’t get to where he is by making bad choices. Let’s hope that continues. Keep Pounding!!!

    Mark DeMaegd

    I want to hear Matt Rhule say to every player and fan, “We will be winners”!


Imma die Hard Colts fan but man this guy brings a crazy energy making wanna root for the Panthers lmao

    Christian Salzillo

    Atlanta Falcons here; feel the exact same way! Love this dude!

    Shady Scorpion


    Green-eyed Native 420

    panthers 🔥💯

    Team Fish

    Y’all are more than welcome to join us! Plenty of room on this bus! CP4L!😁

Andrew Cheadle

Smitty is simply the best pound for pound there ever was

    Team Fish

    100% agree! The man has the heart of a lion. If the rest of his teammates had Smitty’s heart, we woulda won multiple SBs.

Cedric Pratt

Steve Smith need to be the WR coach for the Carolina Panther’s! Steve will bring the best out of the wide receivers. Being a future H.O.F., he will be respected

    Team Fish


    Ronnie B

    Cedric Pratt Steve has a shitty Arrogant pompous attitude.
    From the second he opens his mouth you would never guess he went to college. He’s a little man that constantly try’s to sell himself on how good he was to whoever listens.


Thank you for everything you’ve done at Baylor, I’ll be rooting for you when you don’t play my team
– Baylor Fan

    John M

    We’ll take good care of him! Much respect to you!

Ronnie Bryant

I got goosebumps when his daughter said “dad…were going…to Carolina”

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