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Top 100 Plays of the 2019 Season!

The Top 100 Plays from the 2019 NFL Season!

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RoguePepper 9606

0:02 when you’re playing wii bowling and you drop the ball

    RoguePepper 9606

    Daniel Buman are you kidding me, get tf outta here with that bs

    Georgia Cornelius


    Rage Underscore


Logan Alford

Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Bill O’Brien is a hack.

DJ Pinky Toe

Most of these aren’t even the best plays of the season. They’re just decent plays in big moments


    @Sophono you mean the biggest most important play of the Super Bowl? ok kid.

    Mateo Seymour

    Yeah, I agree. This list is more context than content


    jsmpsnn no I’m saying it’s the best plays of the year.I think it’s a good play but definitely not #1


    @Sophono fair enough. lets meet for cheeseburgers later.


    Sophono yeah but if Chiefs don’t get the first down, 49ers win the Super Bowl

Kanai Sparks

0:02 that spin was golden

    El Duderino

    The doh-si-doh hypnotised them!

    Jerron Norris

    And SUM…I’m jus say’n..

    George P. Burdell

    From a ’40s Rose Bowl game. The spin was icing on the cake. Reid went into the dusty stacks of the library for that one.

Jackson Chadwick


Best call of the year

    Trent Roberson

    Jackson Chadwick Kevin Harlan is so under appreciated

    Rome Ceniceros

    Trent Roberson he’s my favorite commentator, sucks that he mostly does afc games

    General_Anakin_Skywalker Thomas Tiberio

    Rome Ceniceros it’s because he’s on CBS

    Dewitt McDidditt

    I also love the “Michael Gallup ADJUSTING!” and “I’M CALLING BOTH GAMES!”

    Jack Connolly

    @Jackson Chadwick yup

Omni Pepper

The playoffs this year were LEGENDARY

    George P. Burdell

    @Blackthorn 461 Puzzactly


    @LittleBilly69 So you originally said that the playoffs sucked this year because all the games were trash, and there were only like 2-3 good games. First off 2-3 close games isn’t a terrible year, but then you went on to say that the only boring games were the Patriots titans and the Eagles Seahawks that means all the other games are somewhat entertaining to entertaining. Huh, sounds like someone is just being salty about something. Might be because your team didn’t win it all or it might just be because you are a negative person. You literally back tracked on everything you said before. The Eagles game was good because it was close, the Patriots game was good because it was close and the Pats were getting the crap kicked outta them by one man and it’s really nice to see the Patriots suffer.


    George P. Burdell the super bowl was way too slow in the first quarter and wasn’t exciting until the 4th quarter when it became anyone’s game


    Slim I never said the playoffs sucked this year. I never said the eagles Seahawks and patriots titans were the only boring games. Yes it sucks to see my team lose but it’s even worse wasting an hour and a half watching nothing happen on either side. I watched the first half of the chiefs texans and I honestly felt like I didn’t miss anything. The titans ravens was pretty boring overall when it got to the fourth quarter. Afc championship was ok at times but once the titans started throwing everyone knew it was over. 49ers vikings was a blowout but I don’t think anyone is arguing that it was a good game. Packers 49ers was literally over in the second quarter and the super bowl was kinda boring in the first and third quarters. The fourth quarter was entertaining when the chiefs started scoring but after the 49ers turned it over the game was done.

    The Critical Opz

    Only the playoffs though, not the super bowl


8:24 this is why Kevin Harlan should commentate a SB.


    MikeEdits I’m doing a project for my class and we have to send out a survey for research purposes for a good cause. It’s short and only 9 questions so if you don’t mind taking it real quick. Thank you

    C Dizz


    Norman VanScoy

    0:55 yeah he’s legendary.

    Jared Merklinger

    Norman VanScoy ya everyone who liked that comment needs to go to 0:55 and see exactly why he shouldn’t commentate a super bowl 😂😂


    Jared Merklinger his only lowlight


2:11 Bengals season in one play

    Swagger Nuggetz

    KrispyKremeTeam The Bungles

    Rolling Coasters

    No that is #4

Sports 311

The black cat rolling through metlife stadium would be one of the best plays of the season 😂

    George P. Burdell

    Yeah, that should have been in the list since it broke the Interwebz

    Wyatt Becker

    I was asleep when that happened and when I woke up it was all over YouTube

Auto Mobil

18:47 You have a notification

    Mr. Roller Coasters

    Lol I thought that was just me

    Christine Nazarian

    Hmmm looks like I do

    Universe_ pog

    Auto Mobil thought that was just me lol

    Dewitt McDidditt

    Lol wtf


    I remember hearing it when watching highlights of this game. And it made it to the best of year highlights 😀

Tamer Mcregor

No one:

Nfl: any chiefs offensive play in the super bowl is the best play ever

    Jake Minder

    Fr the Super Bowl was one of the worst offensive games of the season for the chiefs until 10 min were left

    Ledo the Kind

    Tamer Mcregor you mean any Chiefs play at all

    Sayena A

    This meme is dead


    CAPN CRUNCH U bruh you can’t be serious, definitely not, yes I know he got kicked in the eye but still


    George P. Burdell I would agree with you but the Chiefs wouldn’t of won the Super Bowl if that play didn’t happen

The Doc

Arizona should deserve one good spot on this list… how did we not get that Andy Isabella throw against the 49er’s on here man.

    revenant magic

    10:57 is kinda good

    The Doc

    @revenant magic feel like andy isabella deserves a spot but yeah that catch by Larry Legend was pretty good.




    jsmpsnn those not the


windows steady ruining stuff 🤦🏽‍♂️ 18:48

    L. Murray

    Lol thought I was the only one who probably heard that

Noah Nussbaum

that lockett catch in the back of the end zone is easily top 10


    No kidding. The Wentz to Sanders TD pass is 16. Rogers to Williams is 10. Both are similar scramble plays for TDs but none are as improbable or as spectacular on either the throw *or* catch.

    Noah Nussbaum

    MegaJaden2 oof

    Marshawn's Skittles


    landons Fantasy

    MegaJaden2 im sorry

    King Forte

    FosterMcTeague that wentz throw was amazing tf …. that’s like the Aaron Rodgers throw on Dallas in the playoffs and the Rodgers play on the list is cool but I kinda feel like he was throwing the ball away and got lucky but idk man

Blackthorn 461

6:29 should be higher

    Aidan Weissman

    Oh my yes.


    and that’s on madden



Santiago De los Reyes

9:51 everyone else noticed drew brees 540 td pass was number 54 best play


    Yet they missed making Jameis’ 30th pick number 30

    Dewitt McDidditt


Elias and Brittany Thornburg

10:50 i just realized that he tried the no-look pass again


    No he didn’t he looked away after he threw the ball at one of the pass rushers. Also that interception was more in Tyreek than on Mahomes, that ball was thrown before Tyreek got to that spot and Tyreek just kept running full speed.

    Elias and Brittany Thornburg

    My goodness im not trying to bash on mahomes but you are wrong, the qb should lead the reciever so they dont have to stop running, that thtow was obviously behind him


    @Elias and Brittany Thornburg It was both their faults, Mahomes needed to throw a better ball but Hill still could have caught that.

    Norman VanScoy

    The ball was thrown behind Hill what are you talking about 💀

    football fan

    @TheSportsGuru I agree 420%

Hernan Luna

4:59 when she says her parents aren’t home

    football fan


    the big one


George P. Burdell

Executive summary: There’s Mahomes, Jackson, Watson, and . . . everyone else.

    Trevor Schiedel

    more like mahomes and jackson

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