Top 10 Offensive Plays of the 2019 Season | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Danny ODell

Sam = 🐐🐐


I call bs cause our offense didn’t have 10 plays of over 4 yards

    Bijan vahid

    steveranger55 your high

Sidi Mouatassim

Biggest jets fan here


Really Vyncent Smiths Rushing TD vs philly i think it was is not on here

The Night Show With David Mooradian

That’s 2pt conversion makes me sick. Not because of the play but the fact that it was 16-0 and I have to be reminded of that game which flipped our season. I think it would’ve been different if they hung on vs Buffalo.

    Herd Radio

    Well the kicker missed 4 easy points worth of kicks lol. Felt like the plan for the season was to rely on the defense with Mosley while Gase learned more about Darnold

Black Velvet

What about that pass he threw to Ryan Griffin when he was wide open

Herd Radio

Whos bright idea was it to put a Luke Falk clip in there?

    young panama


    Cory Bernstein

    Falk sucked


For those who haven’t seen it…
Type “Adam freaking gays” on youtube🤣🤣🤣

Packer Power

Why couldn’t you beat the Ravens?


    Cuz the ravens are good…

    Cory Bernstein

    They just couldn’t execute on their opportunities

    Herd Radio

    Le’veon Bell and Jamal Adams didnt play that game


Crazy how some want Robby to walk in free agency


    Not walk but not overpay.

Kenny Vega

gotta use the Bob wischusen Radio Calls on some of these

jake fritz

Anyone see a common theme

jake fritz

Robby Anderson

TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

why you gotta do dallas like that 1:45

    Herd Radio

    Took their heart out lmao

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