Every Sam Darnold Touchdown In 2019 | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Danny ODell


    M Go


    Zack McCas


    Sports Fan

    Danny ODell what’s good

Max Greenspan


The Sports Kid

Just need a O Line and for everybody to stay healthy we could be a good team next year

    Tha Realist

    Exactly bro. Sam is a nice quarterback and this is going to be his 3rd year. Draft we need O line and big receiver and we’ll be good next year.

Jake Mazza

Hopefully we get a longer video next year.

Jon Koslowski

This video was too short. More TDs in 2020! Let’s go!!!!

Kenneth McTyeire

Something about the throws he makes, when he made them, gives me a feeling I never felt before as a Jets fan

    Sam Darnold is a BUST! Change My Mind

    Not gonna lie they are crisp.. but it’s still #Dolphins2020 1st in AFC east

    Dennis Garcia

    Kenneth McTyeire it’s special like when throws the ball it just feels different

    Caleb Wright

    @Sam Darnold is a BUST! Change My Mind man I love the dolphins spirit but you better believe darnolds gonna tear you guys up once we’ve got a real offensive line

Dino's Games988

He will lead us to the promised land

Zack McCas

I was hoping this video would be longer…

Brian Sternback

This video should be ten minutes long next year.

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