Top 10 “Most Underrated” Storylines from Chiefs’ Championship Season | In the Trenches 2/17 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

How about those Chiefs!

Raider FC

Congratulations on winning all respect to your coach and mahomes

    samson gersing

    U got love the afc West

    Theodore Long

    Anyone that thinks the Raiders aren’t coming is a fool. It’s about to get very fun in the West.

    Chiefs Hotline

    Hat tip

Darius King

They had a great season

Ya Boy Civ

How bout those chiefs!!!)$


The whole World became Chief fans or so it seems. A wonderful story with a Great ending. …unless ur a Whiner fan 🙂 Chiefs Kingdom for years to come

    Chief Daddy

    @Enoch Z. I live in Texas and I can personally confirm that this is true. Born and raised in KCMO and been a fan since 82. I only have 3 jerseys that I’ve purchased and still continue to wear till this day…Eric Berry, J Charles, and Derrick Thomas. That’s it! I still don’t have a Mahomes jersey and I don’t plan on buying one either. The issue is folks will hate on you just because you won the SB or they’ll think you’re just hopping on the bandwagon.

    Wayne Michaels

    It helps when the opposition is just such a crap city.

Lil Mermaid

Matt More def deserve some love.


    high school coach to champion in 5 months

    Theodore Long

    Looking forward to seeing him coaching up NFL QBs soon. What a fantastic story.

samson gersing

OMG I’m so having CHIEFS withdrawal!!! Fan since 77 but since 2018 loss have followed everything from CHIEFS… & XFL “sucks!” Go CHIEFS kingdom, don’t loose Jones,& Sammy!!!

    Carson Wendt

    XFL is a joke.

    Theodore Long

    Sammy has made a mint during his career. Hopefully he is more interested in his legacy than anything else. If he comes back and we make the smart choice in paying for the most dominant and versatile d lineman in the game I’ll be putting my savings on this team repeating. We are stacked. It’s like a pre cap 80’s juggernaut in KC. Unfair.

samson gersing

Dirty Dan Sorenson’s is MVP CHIEFS 2019 season, my opinion


    I really thought the two DL other than Chris Jones did a phenomenal job on the run defense later in the season. That turn around made the playoffs a success

    Theodore Long

    samson gersing feels so nice to look at those fools that blasted Dan and ask them what’s up now bahaha



samson gersing

Great show 👍


im sad Thornhill got injured he had a great season that is overshadowed by missing the playoffs. then ogbah and Okafor were playing great too then they both got injured

    Theodore Long

    Crokar the silver lining is this kid will be back there making plays for a decade. Nice to know you can bank on that.

Carson Wendt

How bout those Chieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefs?!

Theodore Long

There are no glaring holes. All the hoopla about the “complete” niners really highlights how truly complete of a team we are. Niners going through the hard reality not having an elite QB brings. Every single day I still get giddy thinking about the next 10-15 years bahaha

Phil E

You guys should definitely hit up Portillo’s for some Italian Beef Sandwiches while you’re in Indy.

SebNetNme Net

Great tone (no yelling), preparation, insight and Future references. It’s the whole package. Could you I clude occasional graphic with your names at bottom? No idea who you are. 🙂

Lastly, every football program needs to have an OL. Best understanding of game and best stories. Great job, guys.

    Alex Breault

    SebNetNme Net BJ Kissel and Nick Leckey

brain smasher

Mahomes took it to another level after the knee injury. He was even better than the 50 touchdown season.

Seth Nicolas Randall

Love the mainstream trap life reference!!😂😎💪🏻

Seth Nicolas Randall

Great matt moore point!!!

Frank Barajas

You guys all did a great job this season, as always. Thank you for sharing your perspective and insight on one of the most exciting teams in the NFL, which evidently the rest of the country just discovered.

Ryan Sales

You guys should do a story about Matt Moore when he got the call to come back! Go talk to his school and get some of the reactions.

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