Tyreek Hill’s Top 10 Plays from the 2019 Season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Noah Snyder

Tyreek’s stats dont show how great he is!

    Trevor Thompson

    ramiz khan lol one of the fastest players in NFL history who repeatedly produces 1000 yard receiving seasons is overrated?

    RN 87

    Hes also a terrible person and belongs in jail you morons… idolizing this dude is fucking terrible. Smh

    ramiz khan

    All he has is speed and nothing else

    Trevor Thompson

    ramiz khan lol that’s like saying Barry Sanders “had speed and nothing else”

    Trevor Thompson

    RN 87 whys he belong in jail? Let’s hear some factual input not outdated details from convenient sources. I’m curious to see how misinformed you must be

Uncle Drew

He’s so good


Wasp shoulda been number 1.

    Noah Snyder

    Still, no1 was incredible


    So was number 2

Jajon Johnson

He’s an extraterrestrial. I’m glad we have him.

yvan E


clearsky up

Too much speed to burn when he accelerate it look so damn unbelievable he’s the fastest player in the NFL right now he’s second to none

    Javier Fernandez

    Call. Him. The. Fortywiner. Killer

Taylor Wilson

Guess he just balled out against the titans the most. Interesting.

Matthew Perkins

Can you flash the countdown graphic at the beginning of the play? Leaving it up for the entire countdown makes it hard to see some of the plays.

Carson Wendt

Can’t stop the Cheetah!!!!! The GOAT WR

Imthegoat Vids

The cheetah finally ‼️‼️

Dustin H

He is so much more than speed. He’s like a magnet to the ball.

Neil Orear

3rd and 15 Super Bowl LIV catch should be #1 considering the context and pressure

Joeboi 22

TYREEK HIll ran into the law in college but ever since he came under Andy Reid’s wing he’s been an angle

Shane O'Brian

How about removing that giant chyron so we could that fourth of the screen?

Zander Royer

It’s impressive that 3 of these passes were thrown by Moore

Mark Anderson

No stopping Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill when on fire

Trevor Thompson

A few more 1000+ yard seasons along with a bit of longevity and Tyreek a HOF lock

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OG Pudgy PoKcettz

Check out my Chiefs Anthem below 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Gravy Train

2:52 49ers just got stung by the wasp baby!

Rodora Zuba

A lot of amazing players in the NFL and so fortunate that they are with our KC Chiefs. Tyreek’s speed is exceptional. So proud of our KC Chiefs ! My team for Life… No ifs and buts .

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