Tomlin provides injury update to Mason Rudolph, Maurkice Pouncey, James Conner – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Fr0sT XC

First go Steelers

    James Jones

    Want a cookie

    Cecilia Hensel

    Go steelers

Bentley Combs

Sorry mason

Will Loftus


Sussai Manickam



Injury report. Playoff hopes on IR

Brian Erney

This really bad news πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ 3 players are out on Sunday against ravens


    Brian Erney well good news is the ravens are resting most of their starters.

    Victor Johnson

    That’s crap….. I hear Jackson still wants to play to rub it in more!!… I’d say play hard with what we have against those RATBIRDS… we don’t bow down even at our weakest!! Screw them…, they obviously had a better season because we didn’t have Big Ben to contend in our division!!#our defense will go out like warrior soldiers…#YA’HERDπŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ˜ 

Jesse LeBlanc

Dont worry bout who won’t play go play football with the guys in uniform ……how was that coach

Jesse LeBlanc

Oh yeah the standard is the standard and our windshield is bigger than our rear view mirror

Jarred Dukes TV

I feel like it’s time to address the elephant in the room with Juju. Fumbles in critical moments, game losing plays (last year aiding us to being knocked out of the playoffs with a fumble in New Orleans, this year fumbling in overtime versus the Ravens and now not catching a ball thrown to his hands versus the Jets. Is it just me or is anyone else tired of our #1 receiver being unreliable at best. Off season I’d address it no questions asked. He’s an elite #2 at best, go get an Odell and make him our #1 but get Juju OUT of that position.

    Jarred Dukes TV

    @Cecilia Hensel Β Quarterback situations and double coverage have NOTHING to do with ball security. Ball security is a fundamental tenant of football, not to mention professional football which is a way these men feed their families. Quarterback situations and double coverage have NOTHING to do with losing a fumble in a critical game last year vs the Saints (not to mention the quarterback was Big Ben Roethlisberger in that critical situation) quarterback situations and double coverage have NOTHING to do with fumbling a football in a critical divisional game in overtime vs the Ravens. Divisional games tend to always have playoff implications since a divisional win is the difference maker for us getting the last position in the playoffs since we need 1 along with a divisional loss of the Titans. (That early Baltimore game, if won, would have secured our seat already) Quarterback situations and double coverage have NOTHING to do with not catching a ball in your team’s most desperate moment vs the NY Jets. A play where your team is depending on you soooo much that your quarterback decided to make a heck of a desperation play to try to get you the ball, the teams #1 receiver, in hopes that not only his job but the team was relying on you to catch. A ball that was targeted, not to a scrub but, to a multi millionaire’s hands (the team’s #1 receiver) in a desperate situation. A man that will be paid, on average, $150,000/mo for the remaining 2 years of his contract to catch that ball in those situations. The average firefighter will make it to your house in 3-5 minutes to rescue you in a desperate situation, did you know that? You can always rely on them and in the City of Pittsburgh your average firefighter gets paid $3,800 per month. We’re not asking Juju to put out fires here we ARE asking him to catch the ball when we desperately need him to do so. Who would you like us to blame? Steely McBeam?

    Jarred Dukes TV

    Side note. I will say this: Having JT Barrett on the scout team now is clearly Mike Tomlin showing why he believes in this team’s playoff chances. JT Barrett has wheels and he proved that at Ohio State. Now we have someone who can replicate Lamar Jackson at our practices (clearly the nebulous of teams that have faced Baltimore this season)

    Ryan Maliek

    Cecilia Hensel WTF? TJ watt is a linebacker you twit. He plays DEFENSE. How the hell is he the best offensive weapon when he plays defense? …And you say you watch football? Seriously?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    No, A-ME can ruin a different team next year.

    Cecilia Hensel

    @Jarred Dukes TV agreed with the side note

    Yoy Mon

    Ju ju ya a solid number 2 as long as a stud is at 1

Kyle Smith

Season’s over.

Airen Mills

Start lynch


Maybe the replacement center can snap the ball without it hitting the ground.

David Lancaster

Who is our Strength and Conditioning coach? Lots of injuries this year.


Conner needs to not play until he can stay healthy. Sucks for Rudolph. Let’s go black and gold!

    Ryan Maliek

    D4rk50ul-v2 Connor is looking like a one year wonder. Even when he wasn’t hurt, he didn’t do much against good teams. I think Pittsburgh should start thinking about moving on from him.

Lucas Ignacio Rodriguez Broggi

I’m sorry, but the season is over. Anyway, all matter is STEELERS!!!

    Victor Johnson

    And if the Steelers get that last playoff spot.. then what? You rather them get in and still throw in the terrible towel??? No, we still play to win the damn game no matter how far it takes us in it!!….#IN IT TO WIN IT!!!!πŸ‘ˆπŸ½πŸ‘€

Super Imaginator

Paxton linch is ready

Ryan Maliek

50% of the team is injured. Report over.


Big Lynch fan here. He could be the future.

Yoy Mon

Making the playoffs wont mean anything cept another win and a step back in draft order

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