Tomlin on Week 14 win over Cardinals: “It was a collaborative effort” | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Crazy Cainan Benner

Go Steelers


LESS GO PITTSBURGH!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see if we can make it

Zechariah Barajas

Great win Steelers 🖤💛 Big game coming up against Buffalo but I have faith we can get the win against them !!!

Zach Pisciotta

The effort and talent is finally showing, Duck leaves everything on the field. Bills can be beat!

    Ian Myers

    It wouldn’t be a Steelers win if we blew out every team. Makes for total suspense, satisfaction, or heartbreak until the end.

    mike collins

    @Steven Enno – sure the offense is well behind their defense but we could say the same for the Bills–they haven’t scored more than 28 points outside of playing Miami this season… they’re 20th in the league in scoring at 21.1 per game.

    Steven Enno

    mike collins holy hell and we are 23rd???

    You all just love to shove your bullshit down others throats

    Good day
    Go Black n Yellow

    Jburrow SMM

    @Steven Enno go Steelers but hey it’s his opinion 🤷‍♂️

    Jacob Gonzalez

    Zach Pisciotta but can the titans lose is the real question lol


Like if youre a steelers fan.

    Hasan Muhammad


    dopesmoke 247

    Steelers fan 4 life

    Malik ElcoSS454

    Of course

    Neel Singh

    This is the Pittsburgh Steelers official youtube channel. We’re all fans lol


    Coach of the year and I’m being for real

ninja rocket

The Steelers executed all the plays correct good effort boys especially from diontae Johnson and duck cant wait for juju to get back

    colin lindvig

    Adam Schefter said he is coming back against the Bills and I also heard that Conner is also.

Andrew DeBolt

Happy day for my Steelers just keep winning that’s all we need to do here we go

Christopher Roman

Here we go Steelers, HERE WE GO! Time to beat the bills.

    Manny Amato

    Christopher Roman the way our defense is playing it’s gonna be a
    Low scoring game ! But In Steelers I trust

    Savage Productions

    Manny Amato but our offense is slightly getting better with the duck, it isn’t perfect but if for some reason against the bills there can be very little mistakes and no penalties we should be good

    Manny Amato

    Savage Productions ohh I’m with you, yesterday was Johnson’s coming out party and Washington playing good and I heard JuJu playing Sunday night now 👍 the duck is 10 better than mason , that man was killing us.

Mango Masher

If we beat bills were 5th seed


You know Tomlin is a great coach when he takes responsibility for a really bad fake punt call. He is responsible. 80% of the teams in the NFL would give their whole roster away for a coach like this. Hats off to you Mike!

    Bill Dundas

    I hated the call in that situation but it doesn’t take anything away from Tomlin as a coach. He’s coaching a lot of young players and he was looking for a momentum changer.

    tshepo legodi

    Ok I’m no expert on football but even I know that play was not called by the coach.. That guy was supposed to punt you can see everyone around was expecting a punt. He clearly panicked and tried to run, the coach is just tryna take the heat but he knows that wasn’t the plan

    Chris Macola

    No they wouldn’t.

    Frank Herrera

    @tshepo legodi yeah, covers for punter but throws Mason under the bus? HE CALLED THE PLAY! Only reason he owned up to it was cause we won the game. The man is a dunce!

Price Pittsburgh

Another non losing season. Never had one and after 13 seasons. Even after 0-4 in 2013 and 0-3 and 1-4 this season. Carrol can’t claim that and neither can Peyton or John Harbaugh. Even Belichick if you count Cleveland lol

    Gee Bee

    Belichick also went 5-11 in 2000 first year in New England

    Price Pittsburgh

    @Gee Bee And with Bledsoe a good QB

f conzo

Coach of the Year -I m a Browns fan too but he deserves it nonetheless!

    Woody Hayes

    Tomlin been doing very little with a lot for years….

    OsoArrogant 1

    @Woody Hayes Yeah but those guys don’t get along. Also had no defense to add with that.

    Frank Herrera

    Coach of the year? For cutting Duck and using an injured Ben and Connor then luckily still having Duck around?

Wayne Hasch

Duck’s instincts are underrated. He makes QUICK decisions. Love how he takes off and gains good positive yardage if the pass play is not there. No interceptions.Very few incompletions. Very quiet but highly competent.

Bryant S.

Bro we just need to beat the Bill’s and we take 5th playoff spot I believe

    yves johnson

    You are correct!

David Gaddis

For a coach that lost bell brown. And then lost his starting qb for the season, and all the adversity he has done a phenomenal job. He has taken what was suppose to be throw away season if you wanna call that and has made his own team and made it work. We were 0-3 and now 8-5. He has coached and led a team out of the bs and turned it all around. Hell of a coach and deserves coach of the year. So much adversity and has pulled through. Now if he makes it to the playoffs just imagine what will be said then. I can see it now. He will get paid at the end of the season and will remain the steelers head coach and if somehow makes it to the superbowl with duck and wins look at what will be said then. But lets not put the cart before the horse and take one game at a time

    Yul Fagalar

    Well said. U r a real Steelers fan. My man

    Daniel Barwatt

    I agree with everything but the last part..they are not SB contenders but theyve come a long way from starting 1-4 and now 8-5..i never lost hope but i didnt thini theyd turn it around like this..i was hoping for at least an 8-8 season but they might even run the table and end up 11-5 maybe 10-6


    Coach T is a very bright guy. I’m glad the team has improved enough for him to focus on winning games rather than contract clowns.

    James Williamson

    @Daniel Barwatt I will have to disagree with you on not being Superbowl contenders I will agree all odds is against it case in point the 05 team we was at 7-5 at one point could have easily knocked out of it and Ben was just in his second year and went in as six seed yea I know he had alot of veterans around him point I’m making any team in the hunt and the desire is a contender I’ve been watching the Steelers and nfl since I was 7 years old I’m 50 now so needless to say I’ve seen stranger things happen that wasn’t supposed to

    Luigi Piraino

    Tomlin is doing a phenomenal job, but that fake punt was inexcusable. Why put the team in a situation like that? There up by 10, the defense is playing lights out, and there more than 10 minutes left on the game clock. Sometimes Tomlin out couches himself. It scares me sometimes.

Ben Builder

Duck Hodges is the Forrest Gump of the NFL.

a b

Wtf was the point of that game punt? I know I’m not an NFL coach for a reason, but really?


    a b did you not hear what he said..? 6 man BOX, typical strategy, easy to rush the punter berry right up the middle. The reason it didn’t work, berry later said that he didn’t hear it and it was a last second miscommunication call. They were supposed to actually punt it but last second changed up because of what tomlin saw. IF berry would’ve heard and knew then he would’ve took off and we would’ve gotten that..


I always had respect for coach Tomlin, but in the last couple years I was echoing the “fire Tomlin” chant, especially last year, with all that drama and stuff in the locker room. Now I feel ashamed for that, getting rid of Brown and Bell (and even Ben, somehow) is making Tomlin to prove himself again, he is the CoTY, and I’m really glad that he is the coach of my team.

    Ballaboy 3721

    you should be ashamed of yourself. Tomlin has ALWAYS been a great coach. I’m glad you pulled your head out of the ground and can finally SEE

    Ryan Maliek

    SrYanai Coach T has also stopped being complacent like he was in the past. Remember how we’d come out flat against losing teams. It seemed like he wasn’t taking it as seriously as he should have. He seemed to look past inferior teams and leave it up to the players to get hype. Now he’s having them ready to go to WAR in EVERY game. He has a team that’s like 40% rookies and backups now, and it seems to have brought out the best in him.


Comment if Tomlin should get coach of the year right this second… and don’t even wait until the end of the season!!!?🤷🏽‍♂️

Steve Spears

He can’t handle clock management;&do stupid stuff like this almost cost them the game bubble head play;

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