Around the Locker Room: Week 14 win over Cardinals – “We’re just hungry and never satisfied!” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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oPaxton Reply

Just like Duck was in the duck calling world championships

oPaxton Reply

Can’t wait to see what happens closing in on the playoffs….

Wish juju and Conner were in today but nevertheless, a great game.

    hockeycub19 Reply

    Hopefully there back when we play the bills.

    Juju Washington Johnson Cain.

    Conner snell samuels whyte.

    Jonah Mosher Reply

    Juju is milking it. That hit wasn’t anything like the one Johnson took. Juju is not a number receiver. He had me fooled as I was arguing with those that said this very same thing

    Zeus The Drum Lord Reply

    Jonah Mosher he’s off the concussion protocol and is healing an unrelated knee injury. Though I mostly can’t disagree with you, I don’t think he’s milking anything.

    Slab Bulkhead Reply

    They’ll need JuJu for the stretch run with 3 tough games coming up. Conner would be nice to have too but Snell seems pretty solid. He’s a very physical back.

ninja rocket Reply

Were clinching the wild card

Jeffrey Vences Reply

That’s right!!!!!!! *LET’S GO STEELERS, LET’S GO!!!!!*
All we need is our offense to start clicking and we’re back as an elite team!
Duck Hodges outplaying these former first round picks with help from our defense!

Lazer Rocket Reply

I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Ryder Reply

That Steelers Defense though! Man o’ man!!

Brian Erney Reply

Know all long can wait face off buffalo bills next Sunday let make it 9 wins to 5 loss going all the way to playoffs congratulations my team Steelers win over cardinals

    Chris Macola Reply

    Yeah congrats, you beat the three win cardinals! Going places lol

    INFERNO95 Reply

    Chris Macola And the pat get to play the jest and dolpins twice every year. Get lost.

Humberto Nunez Reply

I’m glad Devlin Hodges is starting

But Mason Rudolph started it. That fight put fire in the bellies of the Steelers


    Richard .T Reply

    In the words of the Great 2CHAINZ “TRU”

    Keenan Smith Reply

    Y’all funny as heck hahahha ☝

Benjamín Luque Reply

I’m so happy right now

John Bruce Reply

TJ Watt, Cam Heyward, Bud Dupree, Devin Bush, Joe Hayden, Steven Nelson and Minkah Fitzpatrick are ALL having great seasons. This defense is a lot of fun to watch. The best Steelers D I’ve seen this decade.

    OsoArrogant 1 Reply

    @John Bruce He had the the potential to be the best one .

    Maurice King Reply

    And mike Hilton is bombing too, too much to count

    Liberal Rod Reply

    This could possibly be a dynasty in the making where Duck could be our future QB 😎 I now feel optimistic the way Steelers fans felt after ’72 with that up and coming team under Noll

    Mitchell Halutick Reply

    John Bruce just wait until we get Tuitt back he was having a career year

the_future_is_ relevant Reply

I kinda hope Devlin is gonna be the new QB when ben retires.

    IndianaDucky Reply

    @Alley Oop ! Ben Is severely underrated.

    Shawn Friend Reply

    @Ozzy dude ben played hurt from the get go

    MrOrlandodh12 Reply

    @Shawn Friend he wanted to play hurt that’s the brett favre syndrome ben Carrie’s when he wants to play.

    Ozzy Reply

    @Shawn Friend I don’t care for excuses. I said the past 5 years he been slack. If u injured sit out. He isn’t benefitting the team playing injured nor does that account for his decision making in situational football. Ben has always played injured…find another excuse.

The cool Dude Reply

Let’s go Pittsburgh we are getting in the wild card!

    a b Reply

    I how we win against the Bills. The Ravens set us up for success, and we need to go and finish it.

    Dallyboy4287 Reply

    We could honestly win the north if we play our cards right

    Keenan Smith Reply

    We could win the north if we beat the Ravens because we lost to the Browns once and the Ravens did too. We have to play a Ravens team that has to rest its starters after still habing to play the Brown’s again. I can see the Browns beating them just to send a message especially if they are resting players for the playoff run

Frank Toledo Reply

That is reason why the Steelers Win they are hungry. When a player is down next man up. This comes from good coaching also.

spoo oooky Reply

benny snell seems so genuine and happy

El Pollo Loco Reply

Bud’s gonna get tagged and I hope he’s cool with it.

    Slab Bulkhead Reply

    I’m glad they picked up the 5th year option. The switch has gone on for him and I hope they can keep him and he continues to play at this level.

    Keenan Smith Reply

    The question is next man up? Who what other combo can get it in like him and Watt together. Consistently

Yeti6345pine Reply

I like Heyward’s beard 😂😂

Red driver Cargo Reply

The black horse in the AFC go Steelers!

M N Reply

Man I feel like the Pittsburgh Steelers defense is awesome

Blurred Culture Reply

Best Defense we’ve had in years.

    MrOrlandodh12 Reply

    That 2017 defense was good with shazier

Liberal Rod Reply

could you imagine this locker room after beating the Rat Birds in the playoffs 😎

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