Tomlin: “Conner & JuJu expected to participate in practice in some capacity this week” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


    Will Mclean

    The Mighty Duck!!!!

ninja rocket

We need those boys to win juju + ben + James= goat

    Noah Delatorre

    ninja rocket Ben out for year, but yes he is beat QB in Steelers history

    ninja rocket

    @Noah Delatorre no what about Terry Bradshaw

    John Bunce III

    @ninja rocket Terry has the rings, but I think Ben’s the better QB. No disrespect to the man, but I like Ben’s stats better.

    Of course, the game was different back then so… Hard to compare them fairly.

    ninja rocket

    @John Bunce III I get it

Joey Franklin jr

Hit the like button if you’re excited for this TEAM

    Ivan Santa-Maria

    What a year!? Start out 1- 4 and now 8 and 5 clear possession of a wild card solid coaching job by Tomlin this year keeping it together when they were one in four and not pressing the panic button still got a ways to go Tennessee breathing down our neck let’s go Steeler Nation

    rock de

    This is what happens when you get rid of the cancer in the locker . You can bet the house Antonio Clown is watching. And regrets his misbehavior. Why else would he take out his Steelers helmet and steelers uniform and use it on the work out field . And post it on Instagram????

    Joey Franklin jr

    @rock de i totally agree Rock

Dominick Angelo

Cut James already. Dudes a bag of glass. Can’t stay healthy, it’s Benny snell football szn

Lane Micheal

steelers superbull

    Steelers Gang

    Learn to spell……..

Micheal Davis

Connor and ju ju don’t make no plays anyway keep them out

    Brian Cavanaugh

    @stingray he does take the better db’s off JW or DJ so either way it would be nice if he were out there!


    Brian Cavanaugh the mans a baller bro him out there makes our offense so much better. Doesn’t matter what he has done or not recently I just rather have him out there period.

    Octavio Bustillos

    @stingray dude you’re delusional. Johnson has been doing a way better job recently than juju was in his last 5 games.


    Octavio Bustillos i never said Johnson wasn’t playing good man but having juju out there makes our offense scary. It gives defenses another receiver to worry about

    harold mccoy

    @Octavio Bustillos which makes JU JU presence even more important giving the offense more validated options thus enhancing the openings inthe opposing teams defense for complementary players to exploit ! Your thinking on a emotional non objective analogy ,as much chagrin as JU ,Ju’s slow decelopment to being the primary option at wr has been he still is a former 1000 yd 100 catch, former 900 yd receiver in his first NFL campaign season so he is still very much a entity that teams must be overly concerned about contending with , desspite his crucial fumble in the Ravens game did you miss his electric catch and run for the long TD in that game ? Dude is still a threat to opposing defenses ,Mr Washington and Johnson have made bloppers in their shoirt careers also ! I have concerns about the maturity of JU ,JU , not the ability !

Noah Delatorre

Benny is not good Conner is better no matter what

    Dominick Angelo

    Noah Delatorre Conner can’t stay healthy and Snell is a rookie who’s driven, Conner can care less just watch his interviews

    Noah Delatorre

    Dominick Angelo Benny Snell was a good college runner not in the nfl, he fumbles and tries to bounce runs outside when he can’t, yes Conner gets hurt but I rather they get a different replacement than Benny snell of Conner needs to stay healthy.

    Wayne Henson

    @Noah Delatorre Conner fumbles just like Ju Ju (49ers = Conner. Ravens = Ju Ju) 2 games they killed us with fumbles. Not to mention last year fumbles from both.

    Noah Delatorre

    Wayne Henson football players are human, Jerome Bettis fumbled in a playoff game does that make him bad, hell no, I just think Benny snell is not a NFL running back he has 1 TD this year.

    Wayne Henson

    @Noah Delatorre good point, I personally would take someone who will be in the game instead of a injury prone player that’s not there. Snell helps move the chains, blocking, running, catching. Conner isn’t available.



    Brian Cavanaugh

    Ur pushin too hard! Coach of the year! Bwahahaha and Im a Steeler fan! We need to get rid of this frog eyed fucktard!

    d_e_v_i_ n

    Brian Cavanaugh what are u talking about pushing backup players to a 8-5 record u don’t know anything about football.


    @d_e_v_i_ n lol Right?

    John Bunce III

    @Brian Cavanaugh What? Why lol

    I was upset with Tomlin for not putting the team into more SB appearances with our offense playing the way it had been with the killer B’s just like anyone else! That being said, the man has literally never had a losing season, practically always has us in playoff contention, and now has helped put together a truly special defense.

    Any day Tomlin leaves the Steelers and still wants to be a head coach, he’ll be picked up by another team within hours.

    Juãn Lemus

    @d_e_v_i_ n why are you boomers so stupid

Steelers Gang

Here we go steelers Here we go…..
Here we go steelers Here we go….
Here we go steelers Here we go…

    Noah Delatorre

    Let’s get it!! Playoffs here we come!!

Jerris Mcbride

I feel like James missed the whole season

    Jacob Gonzalez

    Hopefully he stays out cause if he plays that means Benny won’t get the call as much


I’m not a coach for a reason, but my gut is telling me to sit them out anyway. Let the other guys develop.
This Bills team is not to be underestimated however, they are quite a bit better than they used to be, and their record this season (9-4) reflects that.
I think using the fresh guys is the ace up the sleeve, it’s hard to gameplan for guys and schemes there isn’t a lot of tape on. They’ve proven capable of making big plays.

    Pink floyd 2000

    Yes but they had a pretty easy schedule.

Nose Tickler

Juju getting back is our main priority because Conner fumbles too much and I’ve been impressed with Benny Snell and Kerrith Whyte so, we also need juju because Tevin Jones is alright but he is off the practice squad and he shouldn’t get this much playing time and we also need Vance McDonald because we only have 1!!!! Tight End on the team right now, so if you read this I’m sorry for taking up some of your time but thanks for reading this.

davis mc.

If conner comes back healthy.he will have very fresh legs going into play offs.and ju ju will help open up the receiving core.


Catch the ball. Simple


Defense. Old School

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