Mic’d Up Sights & Sounds: Steelers defeat Cardinals in Week 14 – “Let’s get win number eight!” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Alex. P

Been waiting for this🔥 We need this dub against the bills🙏🏽

    Alex. P

    Ken Cranston yup and if we lose and Titans win we out that wild card, this game really is our szn somewhat


    @Ken Cranston it wouldn’t be guaranteed, but it would put us further in the right direction


    @Ken Cranston cant sleep on any of our opponents


    @Alex. P we got this

    Alex. P

    SQUAD and we in our undefeated in our color rush uniforms 🤞🏽

Rechella Brooks

One Game at A Time
Here We Go!!

Young_ Hokage

If you want me tbh, Lamar Jackson is going to probably sit out on the last game because they already clinched their playoff spot. So that might be a nice win for us to secure our wild card chance

    Ken Cranston

    If you want me tbh, we already shut the Ravens down this year and would have won if the officials didn’t give them a phantom penalty 15 yards and an automatic first down to let them kick the tying field goal.

    Even still with that offense the Ravens have, we went into overtime and Tomlin gave the Ravens the ball first and we still stopped them. If juju didn’t fumble the ball wed have beaten them.

    But, it should have never gotten to overtime in the first place. Thank the officials for that gift the Ravens got that night.

    And lets be real we lost to the ravens, seahawks, and 49rs by a combined 9 points.

    Whistle Teets

    @Ken Cranston a better lookin whoopi Goldberg 😂😂😂💀

    Adam Turner

    fmthebaron dude we’re already playing our back ups, we have nobody to sit 🤣

    Dark Paladin

    nahor88 that play was 3rd and long it should be incomplete which would lead to a 4th&long punt

Marc V

Their playing like a team that always steps it up when they need to……kinda awesome!!!!!!

    call of duty ruined my life

    We are humble yet again iv been waiting so long for this ❤

    Earl Lewis


    YurAverage Gamer

    Earl Lewis don’t be that guy 😂😂😂😂😂

KiingSiimbaaa YT

Never thought we’d be leading the league in takeaways this season… but this defense man, they’re stepping up big time


    Defense has carried this team every single game all season! Leading the NFL in turnovers AND sacks!

    call of duty ruined my life

    Yet we still get snubbed hopefully we will shut everyone up this Sunday at 8 pm against the bills

    sons of liberty

    Takeaways, sacks, turnover differential, and under 15 pts a game since week 4. And duck has a qb rating of 103ish. No fake punts this week Tomlin, no dumb challenge unless you’re going to use a time out anyway. Trust them, Allen’s qb rating is the same as Rudolph’s right now and we benched him.




I hate comparing but Diontae Johnson gives me Santonio Holmes vibes.

    Roger White

    All for it as long as he stays away from the oregano

    Roger White

    @Asking Anime Very happy with an AB jr in Diontae and a Ward jr in JuJU

    Kamen Brown

    @Burgerswag 1375 It was before this game, he was showing Diontae how to run the exact route he later caught his touchdown pass on

    Neubian Sosa

    I get more AB vibes from him


    ironically Johnson like Holmes help take the superbowl win away from the Cardinals too

steeleru7 Burgh

It makes me laugh that I don’t know some of our players and have to look up who is wearing what number especially the ones signed off the street.😅😂 So proud of this team💯💛🖤💛🖤💛

    Marcos Cabezola jr.

    I heard about Deon Cain from Steelers Radio.

    OsoArrogant 1

    It’s easy to get to know em. All you have to do is try.

nomas tomas

Steeler fans took over Cardinal stadium.


    i was there forgot we were on the road

    Pato P

    Joe x2

    Swag Nificent


    SpockMcoy Issmart

    any chance for Yinzers to go drink beer in a warm climate during winter….


    Yeah we did the same thing with the chargers

Frankiej 128

Last year our defense couldn’t stop a team when the game was on the line this years defense is wrecking everyone

    SpockMcoy Issmart

    Except the Pats.

    tony carlson

    @SpockMcoy Issmart that’s what I was going to say lol!

    Neubian Sosa

    SpockMcoy Issmart I mean this isn’t the same D the Pats played this year, but funny you’d say that because last year’s defense closed out New England in the final minutes of the game!

    Ron Mc Daniel

    @Luis D BB’s two turnovers cost the Steelers that game.

    Luis D

    @Ron Mc Daniel the offense still scored over 40 points,You would’ve told me that they was going to put up those kind of numbers before the game against that Jags defense I would’ve told you easy win.

Remedy This

Steeler D…imposing their will!

Michael Gallegos

Ben and Fitz out there making plans for next year.

    J Perez

    Low key

jay 760

AFC opponent’s should be aware of this steelers defense let’s go Pittsburgh !! Let’s do it again sunday night

Reggie Brice

Idk why but this has been one of my favorite seasons watching as a Steelers fan, I love how no one try’s to outshine the other, real team football, steelers for life 🔥🔥

    Marcos Cabezola jr.

    I also love when people picked against us(like that chargers game) And we still won!😎


    Same here, and it’s so fun being the underdog nearly every week. I think the team is feeling that too. No one expected them to be doing this well with all the injuries, so there’s a lot less pressure. They’re just playing for each other now.

    Ken Cranston

    Def my favorite season. Even better than the super bowl runs. This team is just great Man.

    Getting it all done without all the “me first” attitudes that include Ben bell and brown.

    If I could change one thing about our team, is that I wish Ryan Shazier was still playing. That dude was the only splash play turnover machine we had on our defense. Just imagine all the turnover we get now plus having Ryan contributing his extra 6 turnovers a year and all that speed and lost extra experience he’d have if he were still playing. Damn man. This defense would be legendary.



Earl Lewis

We’re the only ones talking about us, but that’s perfect LET’S GO

    Saud Khan

    yessirrr we’re better when everyone doubting us

    Jordan Wilson


    Jerome Edwards

    I love being under the radar, then BAM!!! Where the hell they came from….lol



you're right

8:10 Ben: “come play with us next year.”

Cut YT

This year is more exciting to watch then the 13-3 steelers

Ken Cranston

So proud of this team. I’m happy that they will finish at least .500 and the possibility a 5th or 6th seed is even more amazing.


48 sacks already. 3 games to go, number one in sacks.

52 we got last year.

la sooñiami

5:20 Heyward blocked that guy with his butt🤣🤣🤣🤣

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