Tom Brady: “We’re All In It Together” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Trevor Easterling

We’re with you, Tom.
Raise the flags and fire the cannons!

Tina Mallin

🙌Your a hero Tom Brady a lot of knowledge you have here, your awesome !
Keep being who you are 🙏🙌❤️

    Jerry Fan


Tina Mallin

Tom Brady you are strong, keep focused. We’re all proud of you’ counting on you. Your most excellent anyone will try to break you, stay focused don’t let anyone discourage you.

    Tina Mallin

    @Jerry Fan thank you first graders are smart I’ll take that as a compliment


Thank you Tom for everything you do please play again next year we love you and Jason’s great the owners are 👍 great.

Tyler Nguyen

what a mature person wow!

Ryan Clark

Imagine winning 7 rings and having Soo many people still doubting you and trying so hard to tear you down the world is cruel

    Giovanni Rodríguez

    They simply hate on greatness. That’s the reality of life. The most successful people are hated.

    stéphane A

    Sheep together tend to do that to a lion.

    Glenn Anderson

    Yes indeed. Amen.

    Keith Hackman

    You are correct Ryan

    Keith Rowe

    That’s why the next ring is always his favorite!


Let’s GOOOOO! Leadership talk! Passion and wanting better is all I heard.

Rome Herrera

Ughh of course someone would bring up that Roethlisberger podcast where he said that about Brady. I’ve always been impressed on how Tom handles the media and those types of questions.

Cody Vandal

I spent 6 years deployed overseas and people trying to drag Tom for his comments are ridiculous. Obviously he wasnt “comparing football to war” he was referring to preparation/committment


    … and time away from family…


    Thanks for your service 👍


Brady seemed to be in a better mood today. Maybe they will pull it together this week

    Daniel Solazzo

    He must have taken Brandy Love up on her offer lol


LOVE LOVE LOVE the final sentence – no retirement in my future! Yeap… you retire when YOU want and that´s all folks!!!

Keith Hackman

Hey. Tom I hope you see this. I am glad you are still playing. Hope you play next year too. I watch every game.

Aparks ☣

I think being a sports reporter has to be one of the easiest jobs on the planet. Just speculate the worst, and ask blatantly trivial, rude, mundane, rhetorical questions.

Joseph Arce

Do people really need An explanation of what he meant about the military obviously, you can’t compare football but everything you do takes discipline, drive honor teamwork 🤦‍♂️

kellie kline gray

Class act GOAT ❤

Denis Forget

THANK YOU for pushing the topic of predictability!!!!! Tom is right about execution and his message though might be diplomatic. Honestly if a pitcher always through curve ball every first pitch can you imagine the batter excitement.

steve screws

I always look forward football Tom’s the greatest qb and player ever


The Bucs were hurting bad early on in the super bowl season. They can come back strong this season too!

Ken Cunningham

Man, he seems so nice and respectful of the press. I honestly don’t get the hate.


I’m happy this dude came to Tampa..F the doubters and people who try and put themselves in a Goats shoes..Brady said he was sorry for comment..These are our local media asking him to expand on Sorry ridiculous

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