Byron Leftwich: “We’re Working To Be Better” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Saying the same thing every press conference!!

Byron seems to be getting annoyed that the media is critiquing his logic with the plays call.

And answers the questions still trying to prove that it doesn’t matter what the defense does and weather the play is successful or not, we still going to try it again


    1st and 10. Time to run it down the gut for 1 yard for the 76th time in a row.

Mopar Buc

Leftwich your duties are officially in danger of being taken you have no mind of a offensive guru and quite frankly your HC job is probably a pipe dream not to take advantage of that Steelers game horrible showing

The Godfather

I’m pretty sure the Bucs will lose some fans if Leftwich attempts to run a first-down draw-play 128 times again this weekend. Bye Bye Byron


    Followed by 2nd and 9 with 3 curl routes 4 yards deep. 3rd and 9. 3 flat routes and 1 curl route. None of them past 7 yards. Magnificent play calling haha

Billionair Vacation

Bruce arians need to come downstairs and do some cussing.



Billionair Vacation

I never see the BUCS use tricks plays like saints KC and green bay offence it’s like the defence knows there every play

    Corey Hall

    If you execute why need to run trick plays, you really want to run a double reverse or a flea flicker with this o line


“When it don’t work we’ll go to the drawing board.” Well running it up the middle for 1 yard on 1st down 75123 times in a row hasn’t worked so idk. Bucs don’t even do PA with all this terrible running. Pass block is fine? Idk man I’ve seen way too many 1 step throw plays. No one even has time to run a real route. But aight.


man ego is a crazy thing. doesn’t take suggestions or criticism, idk what tom was thinking with this dude

Robert Antoinetta

Time for a change


Laughing at the face of blatant stats, the first step of improvement is to accept failure. To say I don’t have any logic and to be aggressive towards the media, that’s gonna fall flat on his face. If you don’t learm from your mistake you’re only going to repeat them.

Robert Antoinetta

I’m not comfortable at all with this coach something’s not right with this guy

Bryan Tatem

It’s like a politician. Building back better and great again when the stats say otherwise.

G Vegas

These responses from Leftwich are a joke


    He gets pay millions of dollars, and his response is NO LOGIC


“Stats don’t lie.”

Imagine not knowing the difference between statistics (past) and probability (future)

Rafael Rodriguez

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the bucs run a successful screen pass or ever get creative like flea flickers or motion it’s so basic their offense and predictable.

Billy MAYBRE Wainwright

He called plays and we won super bowl we almost (a injury away) won last year … so I ain’t jumping ship yet he is dealing with a lot of new and adjusting you guys want to crucify someone after six games

    Corey Hall

    Somebody finally talking with some sense

S. Ashley

Can’t stand Leftwich the more I hear him speak! Dude is awful… if Tom wasn’t his QB the last few years he would be unemployed

Gerard Francis

Yeah… after 6 weeks he is “doing what is best for HIM” no accountability and his lousy record speaks for itself. Keep working till week 17.

AJ Eonrej

Byron can barely complete a sentence in a press conference can you imagine how he sounds communicating and discussing the scheme

AJ Eonrej

Every week I got coach it better and we gotta play it better. Todd I am sorry, but Byron not capable of making adjustments. Byron scheme is throwing dust on the team

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