Tom Brady on clinching the AFC East: “It was a big game for us” | Postgame Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Brady actually looked like Brady tonight. LFG!!!!!!

    Jevon Granger



    His elbow didn’t hinder him as much

    Austin Lauderdale

    He’s looked like Brady all year just drops and no oline has affected our offense.

    Lyle Stavast

    @Mason Pechinski (lets f* go)

    Mason Pechinski

    Lyle Stavast ok thx

A Yaj

Offense looking better tonight! Keep it up!β€οΈπŸ’™

    Regular Guy

    Yeah last week started picking it up, yeah Bengals I know. Bills are 3rd ranked Defense and the offense looked like they were clicking together.
    Maybe they are starting to peak at the right time.

    brady chick


    Idalina Oliveira

    A Yaj πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ’―πŸˆπŸ‘πŸπŸŽ‰Β©οΈπŸ‘‹πŸ½

Angelica 7.

bring it home.

Quynh Bui

Tough game man. Bills had me worried

    brady chick

    @Quynh BuiI totally agree with you.And his leadership is so amazingπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž


    I expected it…

    The Bills are always a tough opponent.

    But I’ll take it.πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

    Jevon Granger

    The only one that can beat us is us.🐐

    Lukasz Kos

    @brady chick edleman coming back was a big factor. If he left the game it might not have turned in a win. When he came back he made two big catches and brought energy back in to the game.

    brady chick

    @Lukasz Kos So true πŸ™‚


go pats

kenric grunwald

Finally had mics for the reporters


    I know, right!


    the playoff set up is in the media room now i guess

Frank Maddalone

Unheard of 20 years of being successful in the NFL.

    Jevon Granger

    True Champion🐐

    Storm Man


    PV Pike Mence

    It’s literally becoming routine with the Patriots. Harder to recognize how impressive that is.

    It ́s ya boi Chrillboi

    @PV Pike Mence it’s true. If another new team went in a had a season like the Pats, the world would be in shock

    Junior Mejia

    Waking up to this commentπŸ™πŸΌ 🐐

Eric Wiitala

Funny how the offense is better when the offensive line is better. I know they didn’t get the 4th down, & Sanu missed a block when Harry got tackled for a loss… But overall, the O Line was better and Brady actually looked a little more himself.

    Hayden Cook

    Sanu absolutely whiffed on that block

    Cole Cooper

    You know brady is good when everyone is talking about how terrible the offense has looked all season, yet he almost has 4,000 yards on the season.

    Kurt Kokayne

    How about Marshall Newhouse doing a good job at right tackle ? Lmao that surprised me the most out of everything yesterday

Tariq wahab

42 years 🐐 TD, makes a Block, makes a run,converts 2 point play, QB sneak. What else can you ask him when it matters the most.
11th straight East division Championship.
Never underestimate the champions if they are injured or hurt unless they are dead & buried.

    Joseph Mountford

    Brady could come back from death and win a ring

    Jevon Granger

    The eye of a Tiger.

    Shelly Hill

    He needs to show Sanu how to throw a block… that was pitiful.


    Cowbell. Needs more Cowbell,


    Tariq wahab he has guts and spirit but his game has decreased. He’s still the goat, although not the best QB this season.

John Conor

The goat never left.. o couldn’t stop thinking about Shannon Sharpe. Go pats stay πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

    Angel Em

    They’ll be covering the Super Bowl announcing the entrance of the defending champions as the patriots come out of the tunnel with Brady at the head!

    Chema Valldejuli

    Shannon and Nick Wright and Max “Brady Cliff” Kellerman…

    Jevon Granger


Intellectual One

Why was a 🐐 wearing a Tom Brady jersey today?

Marc F

Lets hope Shannon Sharpe gives Brady at least a D grade for passing (no pun intended).

    Efrain Cruz

    He will not ! Sharp a h8R

    Jevon Granger

    Shannon Sharpe is jealous of Brady’s heart.🐐

    Henrik Slaug

    Shannons opinion means something???

Ray Paramio

Cant wait for Slate to say β€œhow do we feel…?” #AwYeah

    Mark S

    Aww yeahhhh

Ken Hoang

Tom almost had the rushing TD. That would have been icing on the cake. Now let’s use dolphins to help get more TDs than Brees.

Soundness Of Mind

I hope we get another shot at Baltimore..take em down!

    Ginger Hunter

    Yeah it will be tough though. But not impossible..especially with the SB on the line. NE knows how big these games are

    Jevon Granger

    @Tommy Hamilton when we win next week we get a game off a week off. We can use that rest.

    Jevon Granger

    @Ginger Hunter it seems like when people count us out we do better.🐐

    Jevon Granger

    @Tommy Hamilton agreed

    Shelly Hill

    I hope we don’t see Baltimore, let Buffalo take them out… but if we do I expect a different outcome.

Muntasir Abdulghani

If you are a winner, and you believe in winning; you will love TOM BRADY.

    Jevon Granger

    Tom Brady Michael Jordan Floyd Mayweather Tiger Woods true champions.

    Tony Scott

    @Jevon Granger Facts. I always say “I don’t hate on greatness”


    Brady wears a wig. πŸ˜‚

Cameron Basdeo

Brady still has it if nobody’s open or no good blocking no qb will succeed we are witnessing the GREATEST NFL QB TO EVER PLAYED PATS NATION

    Jevon Granger

    Patriot fans stand up

Quen Ahn

How can you not love this man? If you don’t then you must be an angry, hateful and jealous person.

    John Rosie

    Quen Ahn hey I am angry hateful and jealous…but I still love Tom Brady;p

    Quen Ahn

    @John Rosie Good to know. Hope you and yours enjoy this Holidays with less anger. LOL. Great response!

Bonnie Keough

Patriots eating pumpkin for breakfast lunch and dinner.


Brady blocked better than Sanu!

    Jevon Granger

    True Champions do what it takes to win.🐐

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