Bill Belichick on clinching the AFC East: “It’s a great feeling” | Postgame Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Idalina Oliveira

Go Pats πŸ’―πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ’―πŸŽ‰πŸ“§
Pat’s NationπŸ…±οΈ#️⃣1️⃣2οΈβƒ£πŸˆ
Great job Belichick and Josh McDaniels πŸ‘AF©️

henry garcia

Good job pats did your jobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb


    did he crash mid-sentence? LOL

    george orlando

    henry garcia fuckn home cooked referees

therion s


Peter K Kraus

It’s good to squish tha fish in December at home.

    Gus Goose

    I looove Squished Fish!


    Oy vay longface

    Peter K Kraus

    @enkadu007 Vey πŸ™‚

John Williams

Bellichick:if vibin with the van noys helps you produce better so be it

Jason Tuscaloosa

Best Coach Ever

    Luke Main

    He’s certainly gotten away with way more cheating than anyone else.

    Cesar Raudales

    @Luke Main

    &$&– vhjlzeuj4 gbfgh $#####$#* ojgf #24fhil ghy & uikh.. 🀦

    Jason Tuscaloosa

    @Luke Main
    Like what?

Michael Hunt

Go Pats…..champs again…

br 1251

Belichick = 🐐
Brady = 🐐
Patriots = 🐐

Oh, and Hoyer = 🐐

    David Balderas

    The elder goat Kraft

    Classic Physique Competitor

    C.S.Allen underrated comment πŸ€›πŸΎ

    Chef Sweaty


    Ohio state and Shrek

    Mark Symbala u mad bro?

    Chef Sweaty

    @Ohio state and Shrek not particularly just telling it how it is.

Thanos Etsitty

I thought marshal Newhouse did a great job replacing Markus cannon. πŸ‘


    Way better than he did before that’s for sure

    Hec Chavo

    Thanos Etsitty same I got worried when cannon came out the game

    Mr Pan

    That was unbelievably great to see.

    B.J.N. G.

    The Patriots are great.

    B.J.N. G.

    Coach Bill Bilichick should establish a University For Coaches.

Paul Baratta

Onto Miami…one game at a time = #7

    Chris Childs

    Paul Baratta yup lets get that win… momentum going into playoffs and home field advantage

cory silva

The one “dislike” is a Ravens fan who is upset that the Pats offense is pulling it together.

    Mr. Nobody

    @Chanchal Nishanth we gotta out coach them and defense gotta step up ravens are actually good this year

    Lars Rye Jeppesen

    The dislikes are from the elves

    Luke Main

    It’s probably some of the majority of NFL fans that know he’s shameless scumbag cheater.

    Steve Urban

    Lol. That’s funny

    Marlene GB

    @Chanchal Nishanth Don’t be too cocky, the Pats are hurtin’. . Is TB12 the GOAT yes, but Lamar is the best running back in the NFL, plus he can throw.

Soundness Of Mind

I want another shot at Baltimore!

    Chanchal Nishanth

    Headshot! For AFC Championship. If Steelers or Bills don’t kick their sorry butts before they get there that is.

    Gus Goose

    I’m thinking it’s gonna happen… Coach B has a chip on his shoulder now… and thats not good for Baltimore.

Julio Guzman

From a Jets fan the Patriots are the AFC East.


    They have had six guaranteed wins in that division pretty much since 2001.

    Jewtube Hates Midnighthood's Channel

    @Devlins10 Buffalo is just a #1 receiver and edge rusher away from supplanting you guys in the east. Buffalo closed the gap on you guys. Next season, don’t be surprised Buffalo is leading the east. 90 million in cap space, a ton of draft picks, and a winning culture. Buffalo is going to be appealing next off season… Buffalo is on the rise finally.

    Btw, Both the Pats and Bills are very well coached teams, so it’s going to be a fun ride…

S. Crago

Not a Pat’s fan I’m subbed because I appreciate greatness.


    Same. I enjoy watching greatness. Doesn’t come often enjoy the show aye


The salty meter of the haters just increased exponentially after this win.

That idiot who’s on with Steven A… is gonna have to double up the tampons tomorrow.🀣πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

    Gus Goose

    @Israel P Kellerman has such a punchable face lol.

    Kane Kane

    Well they can’t all just say “Brady is great”, show would last 10 seconds and they make no money.

    None of these people is dumb, they know, how good Brady is, but they have to play their role for the $$$

    Jeremy Startz

    @Gus Goose he does… Just look at the thumbnail of the video talking about how the Patriots are liars and cheaters.

    P Pumpkin

    @Phil Montejano Why do Democrats hate Trump? He won.

    Phil Montejano

    @P Pumpkin exactly!

Victor Anthony

The rest of the league did not want to see this Patriots team play like this, ascending at the right time

    Gus Goose

    Yup… running game picking up steam just when it’s needed.

Harshil Patel

Lowkey the biggest win of the night was folk making a 50 yarder


    Thomas Fletcher lol


    Thomas Fletcher sounds kinda like a Bills fan to me

    Phillip Mulligan

    Thomas fletcher ok and we got cheated out of the chiefs game that’s just how it works refs can’t call everything correctly

    Dix Winger


    Dix Winger

    @Thomas Fletcher idiot.

I’m all out of bubble Gum

Man he is excited and talkative… look out NFL

Alexia Is On Fire

great job guys, lets keep this going all the way to February, all the butthurt jealous loser haters’ tears will taste delicious as they ALWAYS do

Smitty's Sports and Politics

This is the first time I’ve ever seen bill not mumble in his postgame. Tells you how much this win meant

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